31 DEC 14

TILT CORE: Studies in Motion & Velocity - January 28th, NYC

Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars'
Music for a Theater Space

Wednesday, January 28th at 8:00 PM
Alchemical Theatre Laboratory
104 W 14th Street, New York City
House opens at 7:30 - $5 at door

Performers: Patrick Grant, Dan Cooper, Matt Grossman, John Halo, Randolph Hudson III, Jeremy Nesse, Cesare Papetti, Reinaldo Perez, & Daniel Reyes-Llinas

TILT CORE is an ensemble drawn from the larger group of NYC performers in TILTED AXES: MUSIC FOR MOBILE ELECTRIC GUITARS in 2014 as a means to explore and experiment with new material. Its smaller size, 5-9 members, enhances musical and practical possibilities. Outside of the larger processional projects, Tilt Core is a more agile and easily presentable ensemble as well a its members serving as the creative catalysts for future Tilted Axes work.

STUDIES IN MOTION & VELOCITY is a performance inside of a theater. This gives the group an opportunity to use the space in a combination of mobile and stationary formations. They will perform new music as well as other pieces from the Tilted repertoire in the form of a narrative. This is the challenge.

28 DEC 14

Baroque Variations - Part 2 (1987)

07. Canon at Octave w/ Diminishing Note Values - 0:00
08. Fugue - 3:12
09. Fantasy 1 (syncopated) - 5:30
10. Fantasy 2 (hemiola) - 6:29

25 DEC 2014

by Ryuichi Sakamoto, arranged & performed by Patrick Grant (1986)

23 DEC 14

HIGH Q - NYC Realtime Synthesizer Ensemble - Debuting Spring 2015

21 DEC 14


17 DEC 14

TILT CORE 1.0 - Dress Rehearsal at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory

07 DEC 14

TILTED AXES: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars'
The Sound of Burning Chairs

Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars'
A Preview Performance of New Material

Wednesday, December 17th at 10:00 PM
Carta Azul Taqueria & Ceviche Bar
103 W 14th Street, New York City


Performers: Patrick Grant, Dan Cooper, Matt Grossman, John Halo, Randolph Hudson III, Jeremy Nesse, Cesare Papetti, Reinaldo Perez, & Daniel Reyes-Llinas

Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars was created in 2011 by composer/performer Patrick Grant for Make Music New York's inaugural Make Music Winter solstice event. Since then, Tilted Axes has evolved as a project with multiple incarnations in New York, Detroit, and Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2015 the project will manifest itself in performances created in the USA, Europe, and South America.

After performing three years in a row for the December 21st Make Music Winter events, a conscious decision was made to sit this one out in order to prepare for the work ahead in 2015. We will be back!

TILT CORE, in its original intention, is an ensemble drawn from the larger group of performers as a means to explore and experiment with new material without the constraint of an immediate public performance. Its roster can, and should, change seasonally. Tilt Core’s smaller size comes from the concept of "the magic number seven plus or minus two" a.k.a. Miller's Law, the number of objects an average human can hold in working memory. This smaller size, 5-9 members, enhances Tilt Core’s musical and practical possibilities. Outside of the larger Tilted Axes projects, Tilt Core will be a more agile and easily presentable ensemble.

Why this performance then, if performing was never an intention? It is a preview through which all of the standard criteria of an official performance will apply. In whatever city Tilted Axes performs, we discover a local establishment where we can eat, drink, and hold our post-rehearsal discussions. "Where Tilted Axes Relaxes" is how it’s come to be known. In the case of Tilt Core, it’s been Carta Azul Taqueria & Ceviche Bar, directly across the street from the Alchemical Theater Laboratory where Tilt Core rehearses. The owners of Carta Azul, having gotten to know us well over the past couple of months, generously offered us their place to have an informal performance. In other words: it came to us. This performance will bring to completion this phase of Tilt Core 1.0. The project’s 2.0 incarnation will begin early next year.

So here we are, ready to rise to this performance challenge. If you are free, please join us and get a taste of everything Tilted that's in store for the New Year.

More iNFO at ~

05 DEC 14

A feature documentary by Karin Kaper & Dirk Szuszies
Original music by Patrick Grant

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the
East Side Gallery in 2015

The entire story of the longest surviving part of the Berlin Wall
World Premiere on 6th of January 2015 at Kino Babylon Berlin Mitte
Nationwide cinema release on 8th of January 2015

Original version with English subtitles

The longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall is the world's largest open air gallery, attracting millions of visitors from around the world since opening in 1990.



01 DEC 14

Ten Years of Living on the Edge
(of Manhattan)

It's almost hard for me to believe that today marks a decade since I moved into Waterside Plaza on NYC's East River. It remains one of the finest (sic) examples of the architectural style known as Brutalism, probably because no one wants to make anything this fugly anymore. It resembles what I imagine a grad dorm in the Eastern Bloc would have looked like. 10 degrees cooler in the summer and, yes, 10 degrees colder in the winter. No complaints. After my checkered past of theater basements and semi-guest status in other peoples' wonderful apartments, I'm happy and grateful to have had any sustainable and fixed address of my own. For what it's worth, I own my soul again. [this reflection over, he writes the rent check for the month]

30 NOV 14

TILTED AXES - Roster of Performers 2011-2014
The First Three Years ~ ~ ~

29 NOV 14

Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars
Facebook Page Launched


05 NOV 14

The Next Stage in the Project's Evolution Has Begun

The setting of the first rehearsal

4 NOV 14

Celebrating Terry Riley's "IN C" @ 50 Years

Happy 50th birthday to Terry Riley's "In C" - It continues to inspire 5 decades after its premiere at the San Francisco Tape Music Center on November 4th, 1964.

"...I am so happy my '1964 daughter' is again pregnant with so many remarkable new children." - Terry Riley


11 OCT 14

Four Weeks Ago Today... Tilted Axes: Düsseldorf (video clips)

Photos Vol. 1 on FB:
Photos Vol. 2 on FB:

27 SEP 14

Tilted Axes Quartet at New Düsseldorf Pop

Thanks to the quartet who represented Tilted Axes: Düsseldorf and the FFT at New Düsseldorf Pop this weekend. Markus Saxen, Stephan Kivel, Torsten Thum, & Christoph Götzen - getting the music out into the world - the best!

25 SEP 14


17 SEP 14


Coolibri Review
- http://tinyurl.com/qa4eqll
Die Welt - http://tinyurl.com/ogoc8t9
German Interview - http://tinyurl.com/neauabo
English Interview - http://tinyurl.com/q4gusf3


28 AUG 14

TILTED AXES in German Culture Magazine

JUST IN: an interview with Detroit guitar hero Howard Glazer that covers last month's TILTED AXES: DETROIT and next month's TILTED AXES: DÜSSELDORF for the German music publication Wasser-Prawda - Musik und Meer - Kulturmagazin: "Blues, Views, & News #3" by Howard Glazer.

In English: http://www.peppergreenmedia.com/PG-Glazer-English.pdf
In German: http://www.peppergreenmedia.com/PG-Glazer-Deutsch.pdf

Magazin Web Site: http://wasser-prawda.de/ on pp 9-13 & 64-67

24 AUG 14

International sTRANGE mUSIC Day NYC - Pictures from the Event

See the photo set on Flickr HERE

05 AUG 14

for International Strange Music Day 2014

PDF Press Release

Complete iNFO HERE

23 JUL 14

TILTED AXES: DETROIT (313) Media Coverage...

Tilted Axes: Detroit (313) at Comerica Park, July 19, 2014

See the complete media coverage HERE

GOOGLE VIDEO: Created automatically via Google+

PRINT: Metro Times Featurette - by Michael Jackman - July 16, 2014

RADIO: Interview on WJR - by Frank Beckmann - July 18, 2014

RADIO: Interview on WKAR - by Peter Whorf - July 18, 2014

PHOTOS: Tilted Axes @ United Sound Systems - photos by Jocelyn Gonzales - July 18, 2014

VIDEO: Tilted Axes @ United Sound Systems - GoPro by Frank Pahl - - July 18, 2014

PHOTOS: Tilted Axes: Detroit (313) - photos by Jocelyn Gonzales - July 19, 2014

PHOTOS: Tilted Axes: Detroit (313) - photos by Oscar Zelaya - July 19, 2014

PHOTOS: Tilted Axes: Detroit (313) - photos by Maggie McCabe - July 19, 2014

TELEVISION: Fox 2 Detroit Television Promo - by Charlie Langton - July 19, 2014

Complete project info here:

08 JUL 14

Meet the Performers of

Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

Full performer iNFO HERE

28 JUN 14

Back in the U.S.S.R.S.

*Extremely* happy that United Sound Systems Recording Studios has signed on as a supporter of Tilted Axes: Detroit (313) and will be hosting our dress rehearsal (tour included).


United Sound Systems Recording Studios is more than just a Recording Studio – it is an institution which birthed a musical legacy which we still thrive upon. Established in 1933 by Jimmy Siracuse, it became the first independent and full service major recording studio in the nation and created a platform which gave artists, musicians, writers, and producers the ability to record music, cut the record and get airplay without being signed to a major label. What started as a hub for commercials and advert jingles, in the 1940s would become where Charlie Parker, Max Roach & Miles Davis recorded BeBop Jazz Standards, and John Lee Hooker recorded ‘Boogie Chillun’. Thereafter, artists such as Little Willie John, Jackie Wilson, and then songwriter Berry Gordy, who recorded Tamla/Motown’s first release at United Sound Systems in 1959; Marv Johnson’s ‘Come To Me’ (Tamla 101).

Throughout the 1960s, United Sound became home to hits by Bob Seger (“Ramblin’ Gablin Man” & “Heavy Music”), The MC5 (“Back In The U.S.A”), and many of Detroit’s rock & roll luminaries. However, Don Davis, a producer who worked for Motown and Stax records would revitalize the Stax Records catalogue by recording albums such as Isaac Hayes’ “Hot Buttered Soul”, “Shaft”, and Johnnie Taylor’s “Who’s Makin’ Love”, and the Dramatics’ “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get” at United Sound. Don Davis purchased United Sound in 1971, and continued to nurture the studio that would then change the landscape of the music industry by producing the very first Platinum Single – Johnnie Taylor’s “Disco Lady”.

In the 1970s United Sound Systems was a revolving door for the who’s who of the industry elite (such as Gladys Knight & The Pips, Albert King, and Al Hudson & One Way), but also a then local rock band called “Death”, who created a sound so far ahead of its time that it recently gained recognition. That was also the era that George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic created the sound that became known as “P-Funk”. Songs like “Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)”, “Mothership Connection”, “Flashlight”, “One Nation Under A Groove”, “(Not Just) Knee Deep” and “Atomic Dog”, are still as infectious as they were when they were created at United Sound. Also, P-Funk bands such as Bootsy’s Rubber Band, The Brides Of Funkenstein, Parlet, Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns, ) all recorded their major works here, well into the 1980s, when George Clinton discovered a band called “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” and recorded their first major album ‘Freaky Styley’ here at United Sound.

Within the 1980s and 1990s, pivotal moments which happened at United Sound seem to be out of a fairy tale: Paul Riser, the famed arranger for Motown, conducted the orchestra for hits like Luther Vandross’ ‘A House Is Not A Home’ and R-Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. Also, The Rolling Stones Joined miss Aretha Franklin for an updated version of their hit “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”

The list of artists and timeless hits that came from within the walls of 5840 Second Ave., Detroit, Michigan is so staggering it’s unbelievable. “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. “More Bounce To The Ounce” by Roger Troutman & Zapp. “Sisters Are Doin’ it For Themselves” Aretha Franklin & The Eurythmics, “Rapture” by Anita Baker, “Real Love” by the Doobie Brothers. Garage Rock to Gospel and everything in between – This is where the music industry got it’s standard.

24 JUN 14

Just announced: TILTED AXES: DÜSSELDORF - Musik für Mobile E. Gitarren

Musik für mobile E-Gitarren
Prozess & Prozession
Anlässlich des 15. Jubiläums des FFT
09. -13. September 2014

„Tilted Axes“ ist eine Art Wiedergeburt der traditionellen Marschkapelle des 21. Jahrhunderts: ein großes Ensemble aus elektrischen Gitarren, die mit mobilen Mini-Verstärkern ausgestattet sind und von Schlaginstrumenten begleitet werden. Nachdem das Projekt in New York City und Detroit mit großem Erfolg durchgeführt wurde, bringt sein Initiator, der New Yorker Komponist und Musiker, Patrick Grant, das Projekt nun auf Einladung des FFT nach Düsseldorf.

Aus Anlass des 15. Jubiläums des FFT eröffnet das Theater am 13. September 2014 seine Spielzeit mit dieser ungewöhnlichen musikalischen Prozession im öffentlichen Raum. Dabei werden die beiden Spielstätten FFT Kammerspiele und FFT Juta Start- und Endpunkt der Prozession bilden.

Patrick Grant wird passend zur Stadt und Thematik mit lokalen Musikern neue Musikstücke für den feierlichen Umzug von den FFT Kammerspielen ins FFT Juta am 13. September erarbeiten. Die Performance widmet er der Landeshauptstadt und dem 15-jährigen Bestehen des FFT Düsseldorf. Ergänzt werden die neuen Musik durch Stücke aus dem Repertoire der TILTED-Reihe.

Um einen Platz im Ensemble kann sich jeder bewerben, der sowohl eine E-Gitarre besitzt, als auch Noten lesen kann. „Tilted Axes“ ist eine Kombination aus Theater-Musik, Straßenperformance und zeitgenössischer neuer Musik.

Jeder ist eingeladen, Teil der musikalischen Prozession zu werden – ob als Musiker, als Zuschauer oder als Passant.

PDF info


Mehr Information kommt bald
: http://www.fft-duesseldorf.de

23 JUN 14

"IN (Key)" - New York Times Review & a Photo Set on FLICKR

Photos by Karsten Moran for the New York Times

NY TIMES Review - "IN (Key)" - Make Music New York - by James R. Oestreich

Photo by Jocelyn Gonzales

""IN (Key)" Photo Set on FLICKR


20 JUN 14

"IN (Key)" in the news


read more HERE

17 JUN 14

"IN (Key)" welcomes Michiyo Suzuki and Gina Izzo as guest musicians

For this coming Saturday, June 21st, for Make Music New York, we welcome guest musicians Michiyo Suzuki (clarinets) of the Absolute Ensemble and Gina Izzo (flute) of the RighteousGIRLS to perform with the ensemble on "IN (Key) - Celebrating Terry Riley's IN C at 50 Years w/ Eleven New Musical Works."

More iNFO:

13 JUN 14

Tilted Axes Has Ladies Who Rock!

Ladies of Detroit! If you play electric guitar, come join Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars on July 19th to celebrate the city's 313th birthday.
We need you to show up the guys in the group with your awesome chops.

To find out more on how you be a part, go to:

Read about it on the Women's International Music network:

05 JUN 14

OPEN CALL for participants. APPLY via the link on this page only:

METRO TIMES - "Call for guitarists! Tilted Axes Returns! - click

17 MAY 14

Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists IX in the Press

PREVIEW in www.thestranger.com @ http://tinyurl.com/pwjpyaz

Upcoming Pacific NW Tour - Tickets now on sale:
May 23: Bellingham, WA - http://ocgnw1.bpt.me/
May 24: Portland, OR - http://ocgnw2.bpt.me/
May 25: Seattle, WA - http://ocgnw3.bpt.me/
FB event page - https://www.facebook.com/OCGIXmay2014

"You know that the master guitarist Robert Fripp runs a tight ship, so when he gathers an orchestra of guitarists, the results will surely be super-disciplined… and mind-boggling. What he does with his fellow Crafty Guitarists deviates from the florid, torrid prog rock he manifested with the legendary King Crimson.

Rather, Fripp and company create massive minimalist compositions that flow and swarm with the manic intensity of certain Philip Glass and György Ligeti pieces, but realized with acoustic guitars. Fripp’s crafty Orchestra members have been known to wander around concert halls or assemble in circles while playing their intense, oscillating drones and stark, needling passages. As with anything Fripp touches, the results should be challenging and stimulating."

SEE ALSO the article in What's Up Magazine: http://tinyurl.com/pppydbu

16 MAY 14

TILTED AXES: DETROIT (313) - Music for Mobile Electric Guitars
Performance Schedule, July 19th, 2014

Presented by the Detroit Historical Society (DHS) 5401 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI

1:00 pm - Gather @ DHS Legends Plaza
1:30 pm - Procession through upper Midtown - the DIA, Science Museum, et al.
3:00 pm - Reconvene & announcements @ DHS Legends Plaza
3:13 pm - Performance @ DHS Legends Plaza
3:45 pm - Procession in DHS Museum - 3 stops: Old Detroit, Engine Drop, Kid Rock Lab
4:30 pm - DHS Museum finale in auditorium
5:00 pm - Completion of DHS event - break - move to Comerica Park
6:00 pm - Procession @ Comerica Park before Detroit Tigers' game
6:45 pm - END (w/ possible performances at local venues in the evening)

More details, information for performers, etc. coming soon at:

15 APR 14

Premiering in NYC on June 13: "GRAND PRIX"

For 2 violins, cello, piano, & synthesizer. More iNFO TBA soon.

14 APR 14

Composers announced for June 21st's performance of "In (Key)"

"The IN (Key) event sounds wonderful. I am so happy my '1964 daughter' is again pregnant with so many remarkable new children." - Terry Riley

Composers announced for June 21st's performance of "In (Key)" - New Compositions in Celebration of Terry Riley's "In C" @ 50 Years - for Make Music New York, 1-4pm on Cornelia Street in Manhattan - a co-production of ComposersCollaborative Inc. & Peppergreen Media.

"In (Key)" composers:

C - Terry Riley - ensemble
Db - Eleonor Sandresky - keyboard
D - Lisa Maree Dowling - double bass
Eb - David Borden - keyboard
E - Gene Pritsker - e. guitar
F - Elliott Sharp - e. guitar
Gb - Adam Cuthbért - trumpet/laptop
G - Patrick Grant -keyboard/e. guitar
Ab - Brad Balliett - bassoon
A - John King - viola
Bb - Vasko Dukovski - clarinet
B - Jed Distler - keyboard

Additional musicians, sponsors, & other performance info HERE.

7 APR 14

Four Large-Scale Performances in the Months Ahead:
Pacific NW, Midwest, East Coast, & Locally/Globally

May: Robert Fripp & The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists X
June: "In (Key)" at Make Music New York
July: Tilted Axes: Detroit (313)
August: International sTRANGE mUSIC Day


02 APR 14

Detroit 1984

It was thirty years ago today Mr. Orwell taught our band to play
If we had some minor details wrong it really hasn't hurt our songs
Now digitized straight from the vaults, the tapes that almost disappeared:
80s New Wave, Detroit's...

Patrick Grant - synthesizer & vocalsa
Eric Iverson - guitar & vocals
Chris Garrison - bass & vocals
John Figley - drums & vocals

Produced by Patrick Grant & Eric Iverson
Recorded in Detroit 1983/4, edited & remastered NYC 2014

Complete page with MP3s HERE

27 MAR 14

Just Announced for July 19, 2014:
TILTED AXES: DETROIT (313) - Music for Mobile Electric Guitars


26 MAR 14

Just Announced for Make Music New York 2014:
"In (Key)" - New Compositions in Celebration of Terry Riley's "In C" at 50 Years

A co-production of ComposersCollaborative Inc. & Peppergreen Media


25 MAR 14

Robert Fripp & The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists IX
Pacific NW Tour Dates Announced

Robert Fripp & The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists

What is The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists?

One possible answer is a lot of people making a lot of noise with guitars. Sometimes they even perform in public, as in Spain, Italy, Argentina, and in the USA, in places like Boston, New York City, Bellingham, Portland, and Seattle.

Another possible answer is a specialized study in the self-organizing properties of complex wholes. How does Intelligence act in and through many individuals, coming together as one? What if a high level of Conscious or Creative Intelligence needed to enter this world, what kind of body or vehicle would it need?

The global challenges we face, to be addressed by current and following generations, are beyond the capacity of individuals to meet. Solutions are more likely to be found in groups and networks than in the efforts of individuals acting alone.

The quality of solution required, to problems now of global proportion, is creative; that is, at the level of genius. The solitary, individual genius is, by definition, solitary and individual. The question, then, is how may we cultivate and develop group genius?

Come share in the magic that is the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists!

Tickets now on sale:

Fri May 23, Bellingham WA: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/611567
Sat May 24, Portland OR: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/614157
Sun May 25, Seattle WA: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/614159

20 MAR 14

TILTED AXES DETROIT 2013 - One Year Ago Today

Throwing it back a year... Tilted Axes Detroit took over the streets of Midtown for the first day of spring, a very cold 21 °F that day. Attempts continue to bring it back this year at a time that's guaranteed to be warmer. Pictures, articles, etc. from last year's event here: http://www.peppergreenmedia.com/TILTED-AXES-DETROIT.html

23 FEB 14

KURT WEILL FEST 2014 - "Revolution: Weill & the Media"

Here's an experiment of Bauhausian proportions: If you go to the web site below by March 2nd and tweet a melody of your own that's 140 notes or less, composers in Berlin, Paris, and New York (myself included) will turn them into orchestral miniatures that will be played by the Anhaltische Philharmonic Orchestra Dessau in two concerts on Monday, March 3rd, to be streamed live. It's part of the 2014 Kurt Weill Fest whose theme this year is "Revolution: Weill & the Media."


19 FEB 2014

Tilted Axes with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Left to right: John Rice, Dan Cooper, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Patrick Grant, Jocelyn Gonzales, Isaac Scranton

16 JAN 14

PG Featured in Deli Magazine Issue #37

The Deli Magazine, Issue #37, pp. 28, on newsstands or online:

05 JAN 14


"Today I photographed our new mayor, Bill De Blasio, greeting thousands of New Yorkers in an open house at Gracie Mansion, his official residence. My favorite photo of the day is this shot of Tilted Axes, a group of about forty electric guitarists led by composer Patrick Grant, arriving to entertain the mayor and guests." - Allan Tannenbaum, photographer

01 JAN 14

Special Tilted Axes performance for NYC Mayor de Blasio's inauguration festivities at Gracie Mansion including the creation of a new piece, Tilt de Blasio.



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