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23 DEC 03

From WNYC's NEW SOUNDS Radio Program

Surveying the Notable New Releases of 2003

We're very happy that, for the third year in a row, we have had our releases recognized by this great radio show in New York City and on the internet internationally. The CDs "GENOME: The Autobiography of a Species" (CD010) and "Dedication Music for "Sacred Sister" (CD012) have been chosen as two of the notable new music releases of 2003.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a great New Year,

- Patrick Grant & Strange Music

08 DEC 03

Patrick Grant & Strange Music in a Feature Article - "Polyphonic Lives: Composers Working Behind the Scenes in the Music Industry" by Jed Distler

Jed Distler examines how composers have made a difference behind the scenes in all facets of the music industry in the December issue of NewMusicBox, the web magazine from the American Music Center. It is an excellent article. One part of the article refers to Grant's experience in music publishing while another part covers his position as one of the composers who have gone on to form record labels, in this case, Strange Music Inc.

27 SEP 03

Film with music by Patrick Grant Wins for Best Documentary at the EuropaCinema Festival

"RESIST," a Belgian documentary marking the 50th anniversary of The Living Theatre by German film makers Dirk Szuszies and Karin Kaper won the Platinum Award yesterday at the 20th annual EuropaCinema Festival in Viareggio, Italy. The film also contains music by Carlo Altomare and Andrea Liberovici. More news is sure to follow as the film begins its circuit of the international festivals.

17 SEP 03

A new level: August was spent in preparation for the fall season. There were many hardware and software updates in the studio which required the necessary time to learn. The music for Robert Wilson, Clave Molino, was released on CD and will be part of an ad campaign along with yet another new CD release, Imaginary Horror Film and Other Pieces (to be released in early October, just in time for Halloween). A major udpate is scheduled for this web site in that we'll be posting dozens of MP3s for listening. Not just excerpts but entire pieces. It's been long overdue but, here they come. Check back early next month. Finally, stay tuned for news regarding our partnership with a first annual large-scale music Festival which will have many musical events (contemporary, classical, and uncategorical) taking place in the art galleries of Chelsea and alternative spaces of TriBeCa in 2004.

10 AUG 03

Robert Wilson's 10th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit:

The theme of this year's Watermill Center Summer Benefit was "Molino Cubano" meaning Cuban Mill. For a second year Robert Wilson asked me to create some original music for the benefit to be used in juxtaposition with a creation of one of the Center's artists-in-residence, under his direction. This year he wanted percussion-instruments-only for an installation in the Knee Space, itself a missing central building that will eventually connect the two wings of the Center, through which all the guests would enter the benefit. The visual part of the installation was created by the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera and was called "Dated Flesh". It consisted of live nudes covered in dripping milk standing on shelves built high into the walls of the space. I created a piece of music (played by the excellent John Ferrari) that I called "cLAVE mOLINO", a half hour multi-tracked meditation on abstracted Cuban clave rhythms that were subjected to the textural processes of my musical architecture. The piece looped for five times in the installation and had the best sound possible thanks to the two refrigerator-sized sub-woofers in the basement. Two widely spaced hi/mid speakers in the installation itself beautifully brought out the piece's polyphonic dynamics and spatial elements. The installation was proclaimed a "standout piece" of the evening by John Rockwell in the New York Times.

The creation and recording of "cLAVE mOLINO" was made possible through the generous support of Robert Wilson and the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation. Thanks to everyone involved.


Below, I've compiled some photos (pardon the newsprint scans) as well as some of the graphics associated with the event. I'll post more as they come in.

NY Times: PG with guest at Watermill 2003

Left: The entrance from the street / Right: Robert Wilson (center) with guests

The walkway leading up to the Knee Space (the installation area is defined by left and right walls and the two scrims).

L to R: Entrance, dancers, nude prior to milk, Nkisi Nkonde the mudman (photos by Mary Barone)

Under the tent: two shots before the public arrived, and one just before the dancing began.

A draft of the cover for the upcoming CD of "cLAVE mOLINO". It is a map of Water Mill, NY where I substituted its colors for the blue, white, and red of the Cuban flag. The star is where the entrance to the Watermill Center is located.

Part of the wonderful thank you note that I received from Bob.

The invitation to the event (which was sponsored by Louis Vuitton).

The Watermill Center, with the Einstein Chair from Einstein on the Beach" in the foreground, as photographed by Christian Wassmann.

Many more photos from the benefit can be found by clicking HERE

17 JUL 03

"Some ASSEMBLY" Premiere Makes Front Page News in Northern Michigan

all above photos: Valdo Calvert

12 JUL 03

Oddfellows Benefit Performance Covered in Dan's Papers & Easthampton Star

Maria Pessino-Rothwell and Tom Rothwell hosted an intimate dinner dance at their home in Amagansett to benefit Oddfellows Playhouse with an enthralling performance by the Patrick Grant Group. The Oddfellows Players will perform Systole & Diastole on September 13 at LongHouse Reserve. Conceived and directed by Ms. Pessino-Rothwell, this promises to be a must-see happening, so plan ahead.

1. Artistic Director Maria Pessino-Rothwell, Patrick Grant. 2. Artists Siv Cedering, Hans Van de Bovenkamp, Marilyn Salenger.
3. Irving Benson, Margaret Schaffner, Tom Rothwell, Board of Directors. 4. Evan Frankel, Rivalyn Zweig.
5. Patrick Grant Group: Patrick Grant, Marija Ilic, John Ferrari, Kathleen Supové.

Above photos and text by Barry Gordin

27 JUN 03

Music by Patrick Grant in a New Documentary Film

A 50 Year Living Theatre Retrospective in Naples, Italy called: "LABYRINTHS of the IMAGINARY"
(nei LABIRINTI della IMMAGINAZIONE) presented by the Fondazione Morra

will have screenings of

A film by Dirk SZUSZIES & Karin KAPER

"RESIST! To be with the LIVING"
with Judith MALINA and the Living THEATRE

On July 6 and July 21

2003, in color, 90 min.

Music: Carlo ALTOMARE, Patrick GRANT, Andrea LIBEROVICI

Italian press release about the retrospective

Information in English here

Click here or on the graphic below for the events calendar:

04 JUN 03

Patrick Grant Group will give a concert performance

at the Annual Benefit Party for the
Maria Pessino, artistic director

artwork by Dominique de Cock

On July 12, 2003 in Amagansett, NY

More details TBA soon on the iNFO page

30 MAY 03

Meet the Composer awards PG a Grant

The Composers Performance Fund Grant has been awarded for PG's apperance with the Cadillac String Association for the premiere of its commission Some ASSEMBLY for Strings and Percussion on July 18, 2003.

29 MAY 03

The "GENOME" CD gets reviewed in NewMusicBox

"...Outfitted with 3 keyboard players and a percussionist, the 23-part Genome uses synthy organ and reed patches along with Fender Rhodes, piano and percussive sounds to propel through various syncopated episodes. Complex hocketing, occasional polyrhythms, and chord clusters sporadically turn up and pique the ears."

- NewMusicBox SoundTracks

Read the review online here

What others are saying about the GENOME CD:

"Fascinating...unusual...good results!" - WNYC's New Sounds

"It's great!" - Robert Wilson, artist and theatre director

09 MAY 03


From this date on, the domain of PATRICKGRANT.COM will point to the webpages of and PATRICKGRANT.NET, functioning as three simultaneous portals to the same content, information and news for greater accessibility.

26 APR 03


"Jenkins Choreographs 30 Years of Magic into Spectacle"
by Octavio Roca
Chronicle Dance Critic

The sTRANGEST and most ravishing dance of the year, as well as the most original local dance spectacle in recent memory, opened Thursday night at the Herbst Pavilion in Fort Mason. The dance is "Fractured Fictions," choreographed by Margaret Jenkins to an original score by Patrick Grant and premiered by the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. It was only a small part of an amazing program called "3 Decades of Dance" that celebrates the first 30 years of San Francisco's oldest and most exciting dance troupe.

(This section of the review goes on to describe the entire evening, the dances, the dancers and the music, and it concludes...)

...This panorama of three decades' worth of dances left little uncertainty in its wake. That is not a bad thing.

Nowhere was this uncertainty more vibrant, more touching and human than in Jenkins' new "Fractured Fictions." If here somewhere was truth, then it was reflected in the broken shards of a funhouse mirror. When all coalesced briefly in unison phrases, there was a convergence of desires made flesh onstage. When they barely touched or when they pulled apart at improbable angles, settling in unlikely balances, the feeling of real life was inescapable.

Scene after tiny scene, moment by precious moment -- buoyed by Grant's futuristic electronic gamelan sounds -- dances and dancers added up to a process but never to a resolution.

The temptation is great to single out "Fractured Fictions" as a valedictory statement of sorts, given the new dance's place of honor in the program (opening the second half). Yet it is better to think of this as just another Jenkins dance, one more in a repertory that now spans a generation.

Read the complete review here

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company in Fractured Fictions. Photo by Bonnie Kamin


Click here

"This dance should be around for years." - The Voice of Dance

01 APR 03

Selections from "GENOME" Were Played on WNYC's
NEW SOUNDS Hosted by John Schaefer March 31st.

You can listen to it on WNYC's website here.
RealPlayer is required.

Performance Photos

Patrick Grant performing GENOME at the
Annina Nosei Gallery 28 FEB
photo © 2003 Laurie Lambrecht

Patrick Grant Group performing GENOME at the
City University of New York Grad Center
28 MAR - (L to R: M. Ilic, J. Ferrari, P. Grant, K. Supové)

Patrick Grant performing GENOME at the
City University of New York Grad Center
28 MAR - - (L to R: M. Ilic, J. Ferrari, K. Supové, P. Grant)

03 MAR 03

Patrick Grant's "GENOME" WNYC Soundcheck Interview
is Archived on the Web

You can listen to it on WNYC's website here.
RealPlayer is required.

05 FEB 03

A world permiere choreography will be performed to
music by Patrick Grant

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company
30th Anniversary Season

In Association with the Fort Mason Foundation
Presenting Three Decades of Dance

A fusion of music, movement and mind-bending thought

APRIL 24-26, 27, 29-30, 2003 at the

Fort Mason Center's Herbst Pavilion
Marina Blvd At Buchanan St
San Francisco, CA 94123



29 JAN 2003

Grant Receives Commission from Youth Orchestra

The Cadillac String Association of Cadillac, Michigan has commissioned Patrick Grant to write a piece for string orchestra and percussion to be performed at the Cadillac Arts Festival on July 18, 2003.

As part of the festival, Grant will also be performing a solo concert for the public and will be discussing this and other works on Interlochen Public Radio on the morning of July 17 at 8:00 AM..

17 JAN 03

Photos from Patrick Grant Group's January 12th event at the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery. On exhibit are the encaustic wax works of Sheila Berger.


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