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Patrick Grant creates music for concert, stage and visual media. For the stage he has created scores for Robert Wilson, the Living Theatre, and other theatrical visionaries. Visual collaborations include compositions for Kehinde Wiley, Deitch Projects, the Columbus Museum, the Fort Worth Modern Museum, and the Whitney Biennial. His production company sTRANGEmUSIC Inc. celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018.



Robert Wilson's 10th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit:

The theme of this year's Watermill Center Summer Benefit was "Molino Cubano" meaning Cuban Mill. For a second year (scroll down to nEWS from August 2002), Robert Wilson asked me to create some original music for the benefit to be used in juxtaposition with a creation of one of the Center's artists-in-residence, under his direction. This year he wanted percussion-instruments-only for an installation in the Knee Space, itself a missing central building that will eventually connect the two wings of the Center, through which all the guests would enter the benefit. The visual part of the installation was created by the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera and was called "Dated Flesh". It consisted of live nudes covered in dripping milk standing on shelves built high into the walls of the space. I created a piece of music (played by the excellent John Ferrari) that I called "cLAVE mOLINO", a half hour multi-tracked meditation on abstracted Cuban clave rhythms that were subjected to the textural processes of my musical architecture. The piece looped for five times in the installation and had the best sound possible thanks to the two refrigerator-sized sub-woofers in the basement. Two widely spaced hi/mid speakers in the installation itself beautifully brought out the piece's polyphonic dynamics and spatial elements. The installation was proclaimed a "standout piece" of the evening by John Rockwell in the New York Times.

The creation and recording of "cLAVE mOLINO" was made possible through the generous support of Robert Wilson and the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation. Thanks to everyone involved.


Below, I've compiled some photos (pardon the newsprint scans) as well as some of the graphics associated with the event. I'll post more as they come in.

NY Times: PG and guest at Watermill 2003

Left: The entrance from the street / Right: Robert Wilson (center) with guests

The walkway leading up to the Knee Space (the installation area is defined by left and right walls and the two scrims).

L to R: Entrance, dancers, nude prior to milk, Nkisi Nkonde the mudman (photos by Mary Barone)

Under the tent: two shots before the public arrived, and one just before the dancing began.

A draft of the cover for the upcoming CD of "cLAVE mOLINO".
It is a map of Water Mill, NY where I substituted its colors for the blue, white, and red of the Cuban flag. The star is where the entrance to the Watermill Center is located.

Part of the wonderful thank you note that I received from Bob.

The invitation to the event sponsored by Louis Vuitton.

The Watermill Center, with the Einstein Chair from "Einstein on the Beach" in the foreground, as photographed by Christian Wassmann.

Photos from the Watermill 2002