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Patrick Grant creates music for concert, stage and visual media. For the stage he has created scores for Robert Wilson, the Living Theatre, and other theatrical visionaries. Visual collaborations include compositions for Kehinde Wiley, Deitch Projects, the Columbus Museum, the Fort Worth Modern Museum, and the Whitney Biennial. His production company sTRANGEmUSIC Inc. celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018.



Robert Wilson's 9th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit
The Red Night

THE LADDER OF RED @ Robert Wilson's Watermill Center

Created for ROBERT WILSON's WATERMILL BENEFIT 2002, THE RED NIGHT. Conceived, designed, & directed by ANDREY BARTENEV, original music by PATRICK GRANT (music a.k.a. "INFLUX"), text by CHRISTOPHER KNOWLES, stage managed by SUE JANE STOKER, produced by ROBERT WILSON, performed by the WATERMILL ARTISTS of 2002. http://watermillcenter.org

Music performed by: Patrick Grant (keyboard), Jed Distler (piano), Paul Desilva (organ), Keith Bonner (flute), Thomas P. Oberle (clarinet), Darryl Gregory (trombone), David Simons (percussion), Michael Evans (drums), Alejandra Mahave (viola), Grace Lin (cello), & Mark Steven Brooks (electric bass)

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The Witness' Chair from Einstein on the Beach in the foreground with the Watermill Center, itself a former laboratory for Western Union, in the background.

On July 27, 2002, Robert Wilson's Watermill Center in eastern Long Island, New York held their annual benefit.

Each summer Robert Wilson develops new theater work at the Center, a multi-disciplinary arts laboratory located in eastern Long Island, NY. The Watermill Center was founded by Wilson in 1992 as an international facility for new work in the arts, conceived to foster communication and innovation. There he brings together an international group of artists in a collaborative and supportive environment. In just ten seasons, the Center has developed major work for the world’s stages and museums, and begun introducing a new generation of young artists in Wilson’s distinctive methods.

For this event, Grant supplied three elements:

Gamelambience - this was an installation throughout Watermill's forest using sounds that were sampled in Bali 2001. Wilson chose this work because of the way that it highlighted the many Indonesian monoliths he has placed in the woods. Some are over 12 feet tall and weigh many tons. They date from 3500 B.C.E.

Stones in party dress

Pre-show music - these were tracks mixed live by Grant to accompany actors modeling costumes on a huge and long red runway as a prelude to the world premiere/main event which was...

The Ladder of Red

scenario, design, and costumes by
Andrey Bartenev

original music and found text by
Patrick Grant
(via Roget's Thesaurus on the word "red")

poetry by
Christopher Knowles

artistic direction
Robert Wilson

Here's some photos of the event from the NYTimes:

Gabrielle Henkel and Robert Wilson, Andrey Bartenev,
a benefit guest with Patrick Grant, the evening's composer

Performers in tin-can headdresses during the finale

Performers spout paint

The stage

July 27: The guests at the annual benefit for the Watermill Center on its grounds in the Hamptons village of Water Mill, N.Y., were asked to dress in red for their walk entering the grounds through the surrounding woods, which are dotted with large stones. The stones, slip-covered in white paper for the party and painted with scarlet faces, looked otherworldly. So did wandering performers dressed like the stones. Andrey Bartenev, the Russian artist, created this magical installation. He also conceived a performance, which took place on a lacquered red stage in a clearing between the center's buildings. There were 34 performers wearing costumes that recalled Russian Constructivism. They were made of white cardboard and paper painted with red patterns. At one point, three performers painted themselves red with crimson paint jetting from under their wide collars. Afterward, there was dinner and dancing under a huge tent. The evening, which included an auction of donated artworks, was attended by 550 and raised $600,000. The event was underwritten by Louis Vuitton. The center, founded by Robert Wilson and the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation, is a summer art school. It has 108 students from 30 countries, including the United States, and they made the costumes and


Art auction

"Ladder of Red" in rehearsal with Robert Wilson

Photos from the Watermill 2003