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15 DEC 04

Photos from sTRANGE LOOPS for sTRANGE TIMES at The Monkey in NYC

John Ferrari (L) and Patrick Grant (R) during soundcheck. The above photo shows the Left-Front, Center and Right-Front Speakers of The Monkey's 5.1 SurroundSound system as built by Dominic Frasca. Not shown are the Left-Rear and Right-Rear Speakers that are located behind the audience.

The three performances that took place on Dec. 10-12 went fantastically well and represented the new directions that I will be taking the music and our group into in the coming year. Playing music that was based on repetitive loops, either through the compositions themselves or through electronics, I called this configuration "PG and his Orchestra" because, even though I was playing solo or as a duo with percussion, the music built up into many, many layers that did indeed have orchestral porportions. The Monkey is a great place to experiment and try out new ideas like this. All musicians are lucky to have a brand new venue like this and to have the chance to create and perform in SurroundSound. We look forward to coming back. - PG NYC

More info on upcoming shows at THE MONKEY can be found HERE

01 DEC 04

sTRANGEmUSIC Makes a Move.................

The new address is:
10 Waterside Plaza - 6B
New York, NY 10010
(212) 421-3274

Email remains the same:

27 NOV 04

"Living Poetry": A New Video by Gary Brackett

Gary Brackett, an American born artist, actor, and video maker currently living in Italy, has just completed "Living Poetry". The video asks the question, "Does poetry still have anything to offer us in this crazy and cruel world?" He talks with Judith Malina and artists in and out of The Living Theatre, with Steve Ben Israel, MC Baba, and others who participated in Public Playgrounds, a presentation of the Forum Freies Theater in Dusseldorf, Germany that took place in October.

Patrick Grant
's music is heard throughout the video as well as music by the other participants.

The video, in two parts, may take a little while in downloading with dail-up modems, but high-speed should present no problems. It can be found on Brackett's video page HERE or, if it's easier for North American viewers, it can be right-clicked and downloaded from below:

Part One 12 min.+ (60 MB)

Part Two 12 min.+ (58 MB)

21 NOV 04

"Alerts and Alarms" reviewed in the Voice of Dance

Review by Joanna G. Harris

...The current program is intense, featuring the work of guest choreographer Margaret Jenkins, assisted by Mary Carbonara with music by Patrick Grant and Julia Wolfe. The program note tells us that their piece "Alerts and Alarms," "focuses on ways in which we interact and respond…during this…moment in history saturated with ‘alerts’ and ‘alarms’." The work is very dramatic for Ms. Jenkins, full of recognizable gestures of fright, aggression and torment. A net curtain masks downstage right, hiding some of the action, but adding to the façade of exposed terror. The eight dancers move in small groups, often three against one, grabbing, leaning and pulling one another. A lone figure, Molly McMahan ends the piece with a remarkable slow solo of despair and self-consolation as the group returns around her. All in all, a very moving work, built from episodes and movement fragments. "Alerts and Alarms" is the finale of the program...

Read it all HERE

19 NOV 04

17 NOV 04

Bird on a Ledge...

The sTRANGEST thing happened tonight. When I came home there was this large bird (and I mean 3x bigger than any NYC pigeon) sitting on the window ledge outside of the studio on the 41st floor. In my 11 years living here I have never seen anything like it, not even any other kind of bird. Luckily I had my camera charged and ready to provide proof. Was he/she trying to tell me something?
Was it a hawk or some kind of short-eared owl? I am trying to find out.

More pictures HERE


UPDATE 18 NOV: My friend Tom Rothwell at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC wrote me back:
"I believe you have a Peregrine Falcon... a great NYC story...once thriving on high rises eating pigeons!"

15 NOV 04

Director Gerald Thomas Interviews Patrick Grant for Brazil's TV UOL

This four part interview has just been posted at director Gerald Thomas' Talk Shows web page HERE.

The only catch is that one has to be a member of UOL (it's like Brazil's version of AOL) to look at it. However, the audio portions of this interview have been posted here as MP3s.

Part 1 - A estranha música de Patrick / The strange music of Patrick

Part 2 - Música aplicada / Applied music

Part 3 - Heróis na música / Heroes in music

Part 4 - Música e arte performática / Music and the performing arts

Also check out Gerald Thomas' Blog

15 NOV 04

Devo Lyric

Let me tell you about a man
A tragic case,
Love kicked-in his face
He shriveled up and died
From a broken heart
Now reincarnated as a work of art
He’s got a brand new start
Hey! Now he’s a happy guy.


01 NOV 04

"Danger Orange" Reviewed in the Voice of Dance

"...the dancers dashing to the busy eighth notes and constantly shifting time signatures of Patrick Grant’s score. And the enlarged company is dancing beautifully, each dancer unique in dynamism but united by a piercing focus..."

Read it all HERE

15 OCT 04

Margaret Jenkins to Choreograph to Fields Amaze

On November 18, 19, & 20, Margaret Jenkins will be premiering a new choreography created for 8 dancers of the Mills College Dance Repertory Company. She'll be choreographing to Fields Amaze (Strange Music CD 001). The performances will also will have choreography by Sonya Delwaide, Anne Westwick, Molissa Fenley and Kathleen McClintock.

More details on the eVENTS page.

10 OCT 04

Strange Music Makes It Into the American Bar Association

In an article that highly criticizes judges' and lawyers' over-reliance on internet search engines factoring into their decisions, the American Bar Association Journal cited as one of its examples the common law case of Strange Music v. Strange Music that took place this summer in the Federal Court in NYC.

Critics Question How Much Judges, Lawyers Should Rely on Internet Search Results

...In July, U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel * searched Google and Yahoo! to check on a music composer’s claim that hip-hop label Strange Music was infringing on the name of his company, Strange Music Inc. Castel found thousands of “strange music” references on the Web, but concluded that consumers wouldn’t be confused. He denied the request for a preliminary injunction. Strange Music Inc. v. Strange Music Inc., No. 04 Civ. 02915 (S.D.N.Y. 2004).

Read the full article HERE.

In his decision, the judge went on further to state that the defendants were unable to show any proof of using the Strange Music name before we did, thus legally granting us senior usage status. That was one good outcome and will be useful in our future. However, until the name has fully gone through the trademark process and receives its registered status (the finalizing "®" is coming), he could only treat it as a common law case so, his dependence on the ever-fluctuating results of internet search engines was the easy out. Still, despite his opinion, we continue to be bothered with confusion from consumers, and in our dealings with the public at large, regularly.

* appointed by George W. Bush

01 OCT 04

Ayako Kurakake Dancers Premiere "The Case of Two"

"The Case of Two" boldly took the stage. (Patrick Grant's) synthesized score ballasted over…the two dancers onstage (Sarah Chiesa and Nixon Beltran), who performed the movement well…with an almost surgical steeliness. There was a coldness about this piece…as the choreographer mentions that 'any group of two is ultimately based upon the inherent separateness of its elements.' She also mentions exploring unison, counterpoint and chaos...passion in this cerebral offering from New York choreographer Ayako Kurakake,...the swell of music...strong dancing came off well…engaging. - The Voice of Dance

05 SEP 04

Musée du Quai Branly, expected to open by the Seine in 2006.

A New Museum in Paris Inches Toward Reality

The NY Times has an article on the coming of the musee du quai Branly. The museum's president, Stephane Martin, had chosen PG's "Fields Amaze" (Strange Music CD 001) for it's video promo and commissioned the piece "music for the quai Branly" (Strange Music CD 008) for the exhibition of its artworks currently housed in the Louvre (in les Pavilion des Sessions). Mr. Martin said that while the objects will be presented here with "theatricality,'' the new museum would also explore links between primitive art from different climes and different eras.

Read the article HERE.

01 SEP 04

This month, American Music Center's NewMusicBox, in an issue dedicated to funding, has an article by PG on getting grants
for music (and not getting grants for music) that can be found HERE.

24 AUG 04


Check out over 10 hours of music from the CDs of PATRICK GRANT as well as unreleased studio and live tracks exclusive to this station.

Powered by LIVE 365, the world's largest internet radio network.

Click HERE to listen.


21 AUG 04

Patrick Grant to Create and Perform Music for a Two Week Event in Germany

15-30 OCT 04
Düsseldorf & Leverkusen, Germany


This two-week series of events at the Forum Freies Theater features workshops, performances, documentary films and symposiums that will explore the expressive forms of globalization criticism using dramatic means and investigate how the strategies of social protest have changed.

Several leading international action theatre companies will be performing at the event, including:

The Living Theatre (USA), VolXTheaterKarawane (A), Gudrun Herrbold, Donald Becker, Folke Köbberling, with MC Baba, Steve Ben Israel, Dirk Szuszies & Karin Kaper, Patrick Grant/composer u.v.a.

more iNFO at

Forum Freies Theater

Jahnstraße 3
40215 Düsseldorf

20 AUG 04

Not Necessarily "Strange," but "Eerie..."

The performance by Oddfellows Playhouse of Systole & Diastole: Chambers of the Heart at the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton was reviewed. It reads in part:

"The aesthetics of the play were brilliant. The location could not have been better, as dusk fell quietly over the gardens and sculptures of LongHouse. It was like walking through a dream. I looked down into a cluster of lilies to see a little girl wrapped in a red cloak, waiting to be saved by Theseus. Eerie music resounded from invisible sources. It was all-encompassing."

Read the full review HERE.

07 AUG 04

Meet the Composer gives an award for dance music performances in the SF Bay Area.

A Composers Performance Fund Grant has been awarded by Meet the Composer for Patrick Grant's appearance at COLLABORATION! Music & Dance 2004 in San Rafael, CA on Sept. 24-26, 2004.

He will be performing live a new score he has created for
Ayako Kurakake's choreography for dancers Sarah Chiesa & Nixon Beltran.

PG will conduct a Meet The Composer Q&A Session after the Saturday night, September 25th performance. This session will also include other Bay Area COLLABORATION! composers who will discuss the issues that arise when working with choreographers in a collaborative effort, as well as answering questions from the audience.




05 AUG 04

National sTRANGEmUSIC Day is August 24th!

Strange Music Day: Listen to a CD you never heard before, just for the hell of it. More details about this national holiday and ways to celebrate it can be found at these links:

@ Yahoo & @ Google

01 AUG 04

sTUDIO 41 Moves to Downtown NYC in Fall 2004

sTUDIO 41 and the offices of sTRANGEmUSIC
will be moving to east 15th street in downtown Manhattan. The studio is currently closed for the summer to outside projects and is expected to resume in early autumn when the transition is complete. All other projects will continue as planned during this time. More details TBA.

11 JUL 04

Strange Loops of Cognitive Dissonance

Hypothesis 1: Selective Exposure Prevents Dissonance

Hypothesis 2: Postdecision Dissonance Creates A Need for Reassurance

Hypothesis 3: Minimal Justification for Action Induces a Shift in Attitude

Tracking Down the Cause and Effect of Dissonance...

Would I Lie to You?

24 JUN 04

PGG member Kathleen Supové releases her solo CD Infusion on the Koch International label

Four piano works for piano and electronics by: Carolyn Yarnell, Randall Woolf, Marti Epstein, Elaine Kaplinsky

With the four compositions pianist Kathleen Supové performs on Infusion, the walls between acoustic sound and electronics are completely porous. Sometimes she will play in duet with computer-generated piano sounds that will only sound electronic once you realize that no human being, not even a pianist as dexterous as Supové could ever tackle such speeds. Other times the notes she strikes will be altered in real time and made to sound completely un-piano-like. Of course, in order to pull off this kind of instant relay between acoustic and electronic sounds requires the careful hands and ears of a producer. In this function, Sheldon Steiger, who has worked with artists as diverse as Paul Simon, rap groups from Run-DMC to P.M. Dawn, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, the string quartet Ethel, the American Composers Orchestra, and the Lincoln Center Festival, proved the perfect collaborator.

"This is meant to be a real 21st Century Piano CD," beams Supové. "The medium melds two great technologies: electronic sound and the acoustic grand piano. I chose these pieces because they were imaginative, non-doctrinaire, beautiful, intriguing---accessible to the listener, but never mindless. I wanted the person listening to be surrounded by mysterious beauty. I also wanted a seamless and continuous experience from beginning to end."

From the CD liner notes written by Frank J. Oteri, New York-based composer and the Editor of the American Music Center's Web magazine NewMusicBox.

more info at:

12 JUN 04


Serpenteias x 6

The Brazilian poet and designer Ana Peluso was very kind to send me six short poems (in Portugese) that she had written based upon hearing some of my music that I'd like to share with you. Check out her web site(s) for more of her wonderful work HERE.

Thank you, Ana
- PG


Ouvindo Clave Molino

soluções fenomenais de saída
o mesmo discurso-rumo
o mesmo prumo no trato
que se rebusca desde o velho homem:
o mesmo olfato sincero que o velho homem
sentia no velho homem
quando as palavras eram lidas.

Ouvindo Sex from "Genome"

empolgações, entumecimento
da cabeça até os pés
ou vice-versa.
— Se você visse o webninho...!
— Aceita um uísque em jpg?

Ouvindo Fields Amaze

conspirações povoam mentes
que desmentem o que sentem
em nome do que publicam
ou se obrigam a publicar.

Ouvindo Sacred Sister 1

coligações malditas do diabo com o artista
numa alquimia bruta
sem mel, sem sono, sem luta.
o artista sempre sucumbe.
sem a deuses, amém.

Ouvindo Sacred Sister 2

movimentações latentes de ir e vir
e tudo mais que se sabe do homem
(e o que não se sabe também)
dão a exata certeza de que a continuidade
se dará com muros à frente
atrás e adiante.

Ouvindo Species from "Genome"

Entretanto, serpente, que mente, rodeia,
norteia, bobeia, acorrenta e odeia,
serpenteias tanto,
mas não voas
o tanto que serpenteias.

Ana Peluso Web Site

11 JUN 04

A Commission for Original Music in an Art Installation by Diane Tuft

© Diane Tuft

Patrick Grant will be creating the sonic element of an art installation created by visual artist Diane Tuft. The piece is called "Internal Reflection" and is comprised of photographic and sculptural components. The 16-track music will be in just-intonation and is poly-rhythmically based on the complex resultant patterns of the different layers sounding in simultaneous prime number groupings (i.e. 1 : 2 : 3 : (4*) : 5 : 7 : 11 : 13...etc. to 41) with much of the interest coming from changing textures via the use of negative space. The idea is that all compositional processes reflect forms and operations that are found in nature. The installation will be initially presented in New York City in the summer of 2004 with future venues TBA.

(* 4 is the "exception that proves the rule" but is musically useful in this context)

More details to come.

25 MAY 04

Director Gerald Thomas Returns to NYC and Forms New Company Third Rail Stage

Internationally renowned American director Gerald Thomas has been creating boundary-pushing pieces of experimental theatre and avant-garde operas all over the world since the early 1980’s. He has directed over seventy pieces, including several world premieres of new adaptations of Beckett’s writings. He has had many fruitful collaborations with several artists including Philip Glass, Heiner Mueller, Salvatore Sciarrino and Luciano Berio. Gerald was the first director to stage the full version of Arnold Schoenberg’s “Moses und Aron” in the composer’s home country, Austria.

For the last eighteen years, Gerald has had his own Brazilian-based company - Dry Opera or Opera Seca - which toured the world (thirty-two countries to be precise). Now Gerald has returned to the United States to create a new theater company in New York City, the Third Rail Stage, which will be a laboratory for the continuous production of his experimental works.

Patrick Grant / Strange Music are discussing with Gerald ideas regarding the creation of musical scores for various upcoming Third Rail Stage productions.

More details TBA

Gerald's Blog

07 MAY 04

"RESIST" To Be Shown at Festivals in Berlin and San Francisco


The Berlin Jewish Film Festival
Jüdische Volkshochschule
June 17, 2004

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
July 2004

More Details TBA


Patrick Grant's music used in the film and other music associated with
The Living Theatre will be released on the Strange Music label in 2004.

More details TBA

29 APR 04

"Margaret Jenkins Dance Company: Three Decades of Dance" Wins Prize at the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards ( The 2004 Izzies ) in San Francisco

An extraordinary team of collaborators worked for more than a year to celebrate the work of one of San Francisco’s bedrock choreographers. In April 2003, Margaret Jenkins Dance Company: Three Decades of Dance transformed the vast Herbst Pavilion into a living museum of dance history. Set designer Alexander V. Nichols, poet Michael Palmer, videographer Martin Gould, and sound designer Gregory T. Kuhn created a truly transporting environment to showcase the company’s past. More than 100 former MJDC dancers were contacted to participate, and several veterans performed significant past works during a pre-show. The company’s program presented a new work, "Fractured Fictions," with an original score by Patrick Grant (on "Music from the Red Night" Strange Music CD 009) and also restaged MJDC classics not seen in many years, notably bringing writer and performance artist Rinde Eckert back to the stage in the 1988 work Shorebirds Atlantic and with sections of the milestone work The Gates (Far Away Near) which had its score performed live by composer Paul Dresher and his ensemble. The Margaret Jenkins Dance Company retrospective was an absorbing testament to the company’s past and future.

21 APR 04

Collaboration on a Video Soundtrack with Artist Jordan Wolfson

Video Still from Jordan Wolfson's "Procession" 2004

The artist Jordan Wolfson came by Strange Music's sTUDIO 41 to create the soundtrack for his latest video installation "Procession" with Patrick Grant.

See the video
and check out his site HERE. It's great stuff.

(P.S. 15 JUN 04 - If you haven't done it yet, check out this site. More content has been added and is recommended - PG).

01 APR 04

Patrick Grant Receives a Commission for a Theater Score from Oddfellows Playhouse in NY

On August 7, Oddfellows Playhouse will present "Systole & Diastole: Chambers of the Heart" at the LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

Directed by Maria Pessino
Musical Score by Patrick Grant

Systole & Diastole: Chambers of the Heart is a guided journey through the LongHouse Reserve Gardens at dusk. The performance will take place at site-specific locations set up by director Maria Pessino. The tapestry of performances will be woven with the threads of song, spoken word, visual and video arts, propelled along by an original score by composer Patrick Grant. At the end of the evening, the audience's footprints will have created an invisible path in space, the winding outline of the world's oldest maze: the event's main set-piece being a replica of the labyrinth that Theseus battled the Minotaur within on the island Crete in Greek mythology.

03 MAR 04

Documentary film with music by Patrick Grant selected for the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival NYC

"RESIST," an award winng Belgian documentary (Best Documentary at the EuropaCinema, Italy and the Golden Gate Festival, San Francisco) that marks the 50th anniversary of The Living Theatre by German film makers Dirk Szuszies and Karin Kaper, has been selected for the official line up of the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. The film contains a soundtrack with music by Grant and by Carlo Altomare and Andrea Liberovici. The film festival, founded by Robert De Niro in 2002, will take place in New York City May 1-9.

Screenings will be at the
United Artists Theaters
102 North End Ave.
(enter on Vesey between North End and West Sts.)
New York City 10282

Sun, May 2 at 3:00 PM
Wed, May 5
at 8:45 PM
Thu, May 6
at 1:30 PM

Tickets are $10.00

Full festival schedule HERE.

16 FEB 04

"Fractured Fictions" Nominated for Best Dance Score of 2003 in San Francisco

Photos of "Fractured Fictions" by Bonnie Kamin from the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company web site

Called "the strangest and most ravishing dance of the year" by the San Francisco Chronicle, "Fractured Fictions," a choreography by Margaret Jenkins with music by Patrick Grant has been nominated for Best Dance Score of 2003 by the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards. Known as the "Izzies," the awards ceremony will take place in SF in April. The music is featured on the CD "Music from the Red Night" (Strange Music CD 009). The complete list of nominees can be found here.

More info to be posted at

15 FEB 04

Living Composers Concerts

At the new home of
The Living Theatre

428 West 49 St. (off 9th Ave.) NYC

The 1st and 3rd Wednesday of January through May 2005
All programs feature the works of living composers

2005 Schedule

JAN 05, 2005
JAN 19, 2005
FEB 02, 2005
FEB 16, 2005
MAR 02, 2005
MAR 16, 2005
APR 06, 2005
APR 20, 2005
MAY 04, 2005
MAY 18, 2005

Composers and performers TBA


The Living Theatre, directed by Hanon Reznikov and Judith Malina (who founded the theatre in 1947 with the late Julian Beck), is returning to NYC after being in Europe since the 90s. To do so, they are building a brand new space from the ground up in an empty lot in Hell's Kitchen. The new theater will be open and operating in autumn 2004.

Over their five decades of existence they have premiered, presented and collaborated with many composers such as Carlo Altomare, John Cage, Philip Corner, Conrad Cummings, Alvin Curran, Morton Feldman, Patrick Grant, Lou Harrison, Hans Werner Henze, Alan Hovhaness, Lucia Hwong, Steve Lacy, Jackie MacLean, Pietro Pirelli, Freddie Redd, Frederic Rzewski, Michael Shenker, Cecil Taylor, Richard Teitelbaum, Christian Wolff, and many more.

Concert programmer Patrick Grant was music director and composer-in-residence for the Living Theatre from 1990-1994. During that time he created the scores for the productions German Requiem by Eric Bentley, Humanity (Die Menschen) by Walter Hasenclaver, Anarchia by Hanon Reznikov and the "chamber opera" The Rules of Civility after a text by George Washington adapted by Reznikov. He has previously produced the Silent Treatment new music series (1989-1992) on the Lower East Side, the One-Two-Three-Go! concert series in NYC art galleries (2001-2002) and independent Strange Music productions in alternative spaces.

More iNFO:

29 JAN 04

Film with music by Patrick Grant Wins for Best Documentary at the Golden Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival

"RESIST," a Belgian documentary marking the 50th anniversary of The Living Theatre by German film makers Dirk Szuszies and Karin Kaper won the prize today for Best Documentary at the Golden Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival 2003 in San Francisco. The film also contains music by Carlo Altomare and Andrea Liberovici. More news is sure to follow as the film begins its circuit of the international festivals.

20 JAN 04

California College Links to Strange Music Website as Resource for Students (?!?)

The Schauerman Library at El Camino College in Torrence, CA has linked to this website as a resource for its students studying avant-garde theater, in particular the works of French surrealist Antonin Artaud and his essay The Theatre of Cruelty. Last year I was commissioned to write a tone poem for gamelan, strings & keyboards for the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble based on a scenario by Artuad, "The Philosopher's Stone" (La Pierre Philosophale). The project included an extensive analysis of the scenario plus many back up materials that were put onto this site. For some inexplicable reason, these pages were included as resources materials for their students. Now that's surreal!

12 JAN 04


Friday, January 16, 2004, 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

at the

Westin New York at Times Square
270 West 43rd Street at Eighth Avenue

The Town Meeting is being presented during

Chamber Music America's 26th National Conference

Join in a town meeting to take the first steps toward creating a sustainable network for the presentation of contemporary music. More and more ensembles maintain a firm commitment to the music of our time, and there are success stories everywhere of presenters finding an audience. Yet contemporary music presentation lacks the support found among other art forms (such as modern dance). A touring network can offer the administrative and funding support necessary to further develop presentations and audiences, and this conversation is the first step toward determining the needs and goals of all involved.

Everyone is welcome to participate, whether passionately committed to presenting the music of our time or doubtful about it. This is a facilitated dialogue of ideas and questions, and those who have doubts about their ability to be successful in presenting contemporary work are strongly encouraged to attend. Please come with your strong opinions and a desire to take constructive action to foster the presentation of contemporary music. No pre-registration required to attend this meeting.

We need your input!

This event is presented by Chamber Music America, American Music Center, and Meet The Composer.

01 JAN 04

hAPPY nEW yEAR !!!



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