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28 DEC 10

21st Sensory Music: In Conversation with Composer Randall Woolf

As 2010 draws to a close, it should be noted that this year has marked the centennial of the premiere of Alexander Scriabin’s Prometheus: The Poem of Fire, arguably the first contemporary composition to use “multimedia” as we (mis)understand it today. That is, as defined here, accompanying visuals that are produced by electric/electronic means.

With this as a point of entry, a discussion of the previous 10 decades of new music with visuals, and their ever evolving technology, seemed to a good way to lead into a mini-profile of the work of composer Randall Woolf. His catalog contains many compositions where the elements of video and staging are prominent features in his unique combination of current technology and contemporary culture in what is 21st century classical music.

Read, see & hear the rest of this post on The MMiXdown

06 DEC 10

J.S. Bacalhau - Pix

Download the PDF progran HERE

05 DEC 10

J.S. Bacalhau
a mix of Bach & Brazil

on the program
"Thou Art Translated (Knot)"
text: Haroldo De Campos
trans: A. S. Bessa
music: Patrick Grant

voice: Patricia Sonego
keyboard: Patrick Grant
percussion: Philip Galinsky
choreo/dance: Megan Sipe

St. Marks Church In-the-Bowery

131 East 10th Street
(at 2nd Ave.)

NYC - $15


24 NOV 10


01 NOV 10

BIG BANG v2.0 @ Science & the Arts Conference 2010

A Power Point presentation given to the International Conference of Science & the Arts, CUNY Graduate Center, Elebash Recital Hall, New York City, October 30, 2010 on the transformation of "BIG BANG: for Live Ensemble & Multimedia" (2006) into the chamber opera "BIG BANG" (2011) by Patrick Grant.

Transcript: http://www.strangemusic.com/BIG-BANG-v2.0.pdf

07 OCT 10

sTRANGE mUSIC to present at the Science & the Arts Conference 2010

Science & the Arts Conference 2010:
Communicating Science to the Public
through the Performing Arts

OCT 30, 2010
New York, NY

Guest speaker Patrick Grant discusses

BIG BANG for live ensemble and multimedia
Strange Music Inc., NYC

A presentation about the creation of phase one of this work and the
plans for its expansion onto the stage as music theater in 2011

The CUNY Graduate Center

Elebash Recital Hall
34th St. & 5th Ave.
New York, NY

More iNFO at:

03 OCT 10

Michael Shenker 1955-2010

Community leader, musician, friend.

27 SEP 10

We Have a WINNER!!! Best Feature Documentary at the 2010 Coney Island Film Festival!

Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque
produced and directed by Gary Beeber
original music and sound design by Patrick Grant

DIRTY MARTINI AND THE NEW BURLESQUE, a feature-length, independent documentary film by Gary Beeber explores the outrageous world of the performers who created the new burlesque scene in New York City. Get to know Miss Dirty Martini and her friends Julie Atlas Muz, World-Famous *BOB*, Bambi the Mermaid, Tigger!, Scotty the Blue Bunny, and many other cult stars.

The original soundtrack will be released on Strange Music records in 2011.

Congratulation, Gary! Congratulations everybody!!!

25 SEP 10

BIG BANG Video is Now Online

BIG BANG is a musical work for multimedia, with live musical ensemble, narrator and video projections, written and directed by composer/performer Patrick Grant. This work results from a collaboration between the composer and astronomer Charles Liu with input from physicist Brian Schwartz.

BIG BANG was premiered at the CUNY Graduate Center in NYC on May 15, 2006 and was part of The 26th International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics on June 27, 2006 also at CUNY.

Composed & directed by Patrick Grant
Text by Patrick Grant and Charles Liu with Brian Schwartz

Performed by Patrick Grant Group:
Patrick Grant, Kathleen Supove, Marija Ilic, & John Ferrari
Charles Liu, narrator

1. Prologue

2. Running the Film in Reverse

3. The Quantum Gravity Era

4. The Big Bang

5. The Universe Takes Shape

6. Formation of Basic Elements

7. The Radiation Era

8. Beginning the Era of Matter Domination

9. Birth of Stars and Galaxies

10. Earliest Life

11. Homo Sapiens Evolve

12. The Stellar Era Ends

13. Epilogue


24 SEP 10

The 10th Annual Coney Island Film Festival Opens

Opening Night Feature Presentation

Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque

produced and directed by Gary Beeber
original music and sound design by Patrick Grant

DIRTY MARTINI AND THE NEW BURLESQUE, a feature-length, independent documentary film by Gary Beeber explores the outrageous world of the performers who created the new burlesque scene in New York City. Get to know Miss Dirty Martini and her friends Julie Atlas Muz, World-Famous *BOB*, Bambi the Mermaid, Tigger!, Scotty the Blue Bunny, and many other cult stars.

More INFO, tickets, etc. at:

BONUS: Check out this video short from 2005, "Happy Ride, Coney Island"

17 SEP 10


01 SEP 10

sTRANGEmUSIC Catalog Begins Its Transition to Digital Download

Beginning this month with his first CD release "Fields Amaze" (1998) and working its way towards the present, Patrick Grant's sTRANGEmUSIC catalog (over a dozen albums) will be available for sale as digital downloads (MP3s) at the following sites:

Apple iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD Baby, Deezer, Emusic, GreatIndieMusic, Last.fm, LimeWire, Liquid Digital Media, MediaNet, MySpace Music, Napster, Nokia, Rhapsody, Shockhound, Spotify, ThumbPlay, Tradebit, Verizon, and Zune

Stay tuned for more iNFO and titles of upcoming releases TBA

24 AUG 10


Houston Press
The Examiner
Holidays 123
92.7 FM, Sonora, CA
Salt Lake Magazine
CBC Radio 2

It’s funny how a holiday that I “invented” for my web site actually caught on. Mostly, it seems, by summer school programs looking for activities for the kids i.e. homemade instruments, listening exercises, and the like. It gets a little bigger every year.

So, in the spirit of all that: do something that is sonically unusual for you, whether it’s listening to a random CD or getting out of the house and going to a musical event that you normally would not. It’s all relative.

Happy Strange Music Day!

Strange Music Day Quiz - STAR 92.7 Sonora, CA

Salt Lake Magazine

CBC Radio 2 - Canada

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

-Patrick Grant

01 AUG 10

Composers Concordance Records

Composers Concordance Records
Directors: Joseph Pehrson, Gene Pritsker, Dan Cooper
associate directors: Luis Andrei Cobo, Patrick Grant, Astrid Steiner

Composers Concordance Records main goal is to release recordings of 20th and 21st century composers/performers presented in an exciting format and recorded with an aesthetic of clarity and studio precision. We want to present contemporary music in a thematically focused context on each release, combining works of music that create a whole album and complement each other. We are also interested in high quality recording with a concentration on clarity. CCR is developing new concepts of what a CD can be, combining new music, new instrumentation, experimentation and cross genre transcendence. Our goal is simple:...good music recorded well pushing the boundaries of sound and composition.

Coming in September 2010
Distributed by Naxos

27 JUL 10

the return of



Cia. de Teatro Antro Exposto

"Grant’s work is stupendous... In “Complexo Sistema” it establishes an uninterrupted dialogue of words and action, taking the risky games that Ruy Filho’s actors face to extreme intensities. With the dialogue between the music and sound design of Grant on one hand, and the parade of repressive and violent situations conceived by Ruy on the other, the piece could not be stronger. Here, text and soundtrack combine as a unified and inseparable whole in service of the storytelling. The result is powerful."

Alberto Guzik - January 23, 2009
(Portuguese original text)

Complexo Sistema de Enfraquecimento da Sensibilidade

Um torturador e um garoto. A agressão física e manipulação psicológica como sistema de padronização. A resistência, no entanto, dá-se na construção de delírios, fugas da realidade possíveis apenas aos que ainda conseguem imaginar e criar. Com trilha original de Patrick Grant, parceiro de importantes nomes do teatro contemporâneo como Robert Wilson, The Living Theatre e Gerald Thomas. “(...) Mais uma vez, o grupo não facilita a vida do público – e aí está seu mérito” (Veja S. Paulo, 12/2008).

Ficha Técnica
Concepção, texto e direção: Ruy Filho
Música original: Patrick Grant
Com Diego Torraca, Guilherme Gorski, Raiani Teichmann, Tiago Torraca e Camila Biondan
Cenário e Iluminação: Ruy Filho
Figurinos: Junia Paiva
Preparação de ator: Gustavo Sol
Preparador convidado: Alexandre Caetano
Fotos e Design Gráfico: Patrícia Cividanes
Produção: Cia. de Teatro Antro Exposto
Assistente de produção: Hermano Balbino
Assessoria de imprensa: AI! Antro Imprensa
Realização: Cia. de Teatro Antro Exposto e Centro Cultural Rio Verde

Diego Torraca
Guilherme Gorski
Raiani Teichmann
Tiago Torraca
Camila Biondan

Temporada: de 06 a 27 de julho de 2010
Horários: terças-feiras às 21hs
Censura: 14 anos
Ingressos: R$ 30,00
Gênero: drama experimental
Duração: 70 minutos
Sala Principal
74 lugares
Telefone para reservas: (11) 9900.0049
Viga Espaço Cênico
Rua Capote Valente, 1323 – Pinheiros, São Paulo/SP
Próximo ao metrô Sumaré
Telefone: (11) 3801.1843


14 JUL 10

H2Opus: Behind the Music

"And so, after months of planning and promotion, our Make Music New York 2010 performance of H2Opus: Fluid Soundscapes by Multiple Composers at Waterside Plaza in Manhattan came to pass on June 21st. Funny. Considering everything that could go wrong, musician schedules, illness, broken guitar strings, it all came down to the elemantal. It seemed that, after all of that, our only concerns were the possibility of rain and the reality of wind..."

Read the full post at The MMiXdown

08 JUL 10

H2Opus - MMNY 2010 - Video Excerpts

Full performance iNFO HERE

22 JUN 10

H2Opus - Slideshow from the Performance

Photos by Jocelyn Gonzales

20 JUN 10

Dear friends,

On Monday evening, June 21st, between 7-9 PM, we present
“H2Opus: Fluid Soundscapes for Multiple Composers”
at Waterside Plaza in NYC as part of the 4th annual Make Music New York festival.

This is a free event.

This concert of water themed and NYC summer time music features the composer/performers
Kamala Sankaram (voice & accordion), Gene Pritsker (electric guitar & rapping), Dan Cooper
(7-string electric bass), Joseph Pehrson (keyboard) and myself, Patrick Grant (keyboard & electric
guitar), joined by instrumentalists Lynn Bechtold (violin), Marija Ilic (keyboard), John Ferrari
(percussion), and the inimitable downtown diva Kathleen Supove (keyboard).

Waterside Plaza is located off of 23rd St. and the FDR on the East River in Manhattan.
See the link below for detailed directions.

We hope that you can make it for this extra special musical event.

-Patrick Grant

Pieces on the program:

Lonely Ride Coney Island -
Patrick Grant
Prudendurance Wet - Joseph Pehrson
Wading for Bait Man - Patrick Grant 
Water Possessed 4- Gene Pritsker
Sounds of Sirens - Patrick Grant
Lucid Intervals - Patrick Grant
Deep Time 2- Gene Pritsker
Pilgrim - Kamala Sankaram
Solstice Bells - Dan Cooper
Fishbowl - Dan Cooper
Design - Dan Cooper

H2Opus web page & press release:

Other links:
Waterside Plaza (directions etc.) - http://watersideplaza.com/roller/blog/entry/save_the_date_make_music
Make Music New York - http://makemusicny.org/schedule/artist/profile/2999

Rehearsal photos on The MMiXdown - http://themmixdown.wordpress.com/

19 JUN 10

WNYC Supports H2Opus

18 JUN 10

PG Interviewed on Show #52 of Noizepunk & Krooner

Das Krooner (Charles Coleman) & The Noizepunk (Gene Pritsker)

Listen to the interview HERE: http://kalvos.org/nkshows.html

27 MAY 10

The MMiXdown Goes to Motown

The MMiXdown goes to Motown this coming May 29-31 for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, also known as Movement, for its 2010 edition.

Time Out New York‘s Bruce Tantum described the festival in a recent article:

Detroit: It’s a prime example of urban decay; it’s the poster child for the failings of the capitalist system. But whatever its shortcomings, the city has one very big thing going for it: Its musical history is as rich as it comes. From the jazz and blues of its Black Bottom neighborhood, through the emotion-soaked soul of Motown and the cosmic grooves of Parliament-Funkadelic, to the jam-kicking punch of the MC5 and The Stooges, Detroit has long shown a sonic sensibility that outshines 99 percent of other towns its size. Since the mid-’80s (a quarter century—can you believe it?), one of the sounds that’s had the world cocking an ear toward Detroit is Techno, so it shouldn’t be surprising that one of the world’s leading celebrations of electronic dance music takes place in the Motor City. This coming Memorial Day weekend, that blowout—the annual Movement festival—takes over downtown Detroit’s Hart Plaza, with scores of after-parties helping to spread the techno gospel.

The three-day event attracts the top echelon of techno’s artists and DJs. This year’s headliners are hometown heroes Richie Hawtin (in his Plastikman guise), Juan Atkins (in Model 500 mode) and Kevin Saunderson (performing with his classic Inner City combo, the group responsible for late-’80s technopop hits like “Good Life” and “Big Fun”). And the rest of the scene’s elites will be on hand as well, with American stars such as Claude VonStroke and the Martinez Brothers mingling with international superstars like Ricardo Villalobos and Michael Mayer. (That’s not to mention wild cards along the lines of funk fiend Mr. Scruff and dubstep doyen Martyn, nor the dozens of other big names playing at unofficial ancillary events.) But despite the scope of the festival, Movement executive director Jason Huvaere sounded remarkably calm … “I only panic when I look at the calendar,” he jokes. “But it is a massive amount of work. When this festival began in 2000, I think a lot of people tried to treat it as a part-time job, and I can tell you, it is not. This is a 365-day-a-year job. We don’t have a couple of artists; we have 100 artists. We don’t have one stage; we have five. We don’t have 2,500 people every day; we have 25,000. The scale is immense.”

Read the full article HERE.

PLASTIK FANTASTIC Richie Hawtin’s set of brooding techno, performed in his Plastikman guise, is among the weekend’s highlights.

The Greektown Casino Hotel will be MMiXdown HQ while we attend the festival. Expect pictures, video, and other content when we get back (as long as we can stay away from those damn slot machines).

Detroit’s Movement festival runs May 29–31. Go to http://paxahau.com/movement for more info.

21 MAY 10

Introducing Aqua-Man, the Danelectro H2Opus Guitar

19 MAY 10

Random Images from Brazil

06 APR 10

Philippe Braunschweig, Prix de Lausanne Founder, Dies at 82

Philippe Braunschweig
was a friend, a mentor, and a business partner of mine during 11 years. He hired me to compose and play for the modern dance program of the Prix de Lausanne from 1995-1997 and was one of the initial start-up partners of my production company.

I learned a lot from him, about the dance, visual arts, but mostly, how things get done in the arts.

I will miss him and my heart goes out to his family.

NY Times obituary by Anna Kisselgoff: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/07/arts/dance/07braunschweig.html

01 APR 10

Just Announced...

Fluid Soundscapes by Multiple Composers

An event produced by Patrick Grant & Special Guests for

Make Music New York 2010

Patrick Grant - composer/keyboard/electric guitar
Kamala Sankaram - composer/voice/accordian
Gene Pritsker - composer/electric guitar
Joseph Pehrson - composer/keyboard
Dan Cooper - composer/electric bass
John Ferrari - drums & marimba
Kathleen Supove - keyboard
Lynn Bechtold - violin
Marija Ilic - keyboard

Download the press release HERE

@ Waterside Plaza NYC
23rd Street & The East River
Monday, June 21, 2010
7PM - 9PM

Directions to Waterside Plaza HERE

Make Music New York is sponsored by:

More details TBA

28 MAR 10

Pix from Composers Concordance's BENEFIT FOR HAITI

See see all the pix click HERE

17 MAR 10

fIELDS aMAZE (excerpt)


tHE wEIGHTS oF nUMBERS (excerpt)

Patrick Grant Group @ Annina Nosei Gallery
March 17, 2000, New York City
Patrick Grant, Marija Ilic, John Ferrari,
Rumiko Takahashi, Paul DeSilva
Cameras: Darko Lungulov, Marie Maciak

13 MAR 10

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast, You’ve Got to Make the Mourning Last

This year marks the 100th birthday of American classical composer Samuel Barber (March 9, 1910 – January 23, 1981). But his famous work for string quartet, Adagio for Strings, lives on as a pop meme. Last week, the New York Times published a lengthy article that discussed how Barber’s piece embedded itself in the mainstream culture via its use as a soundtrack for film, television and radio.

On a new edition of The MMiXdown, Jocelyn Gonzales tallies up pop-cultural uses of the piece that didn't appear in that article and Patrick Grant discusses via MP3 the actual musical mechanics that make the piece work on a number of levels.

Read it, see it, hear it HERE.

08 MAR 10

Artifícios Primeiros

Artifícios Primeiros
Conceived and Directed by
Ruy Filho
Original soundtrack
Patrick Grant
Produced by
Cia de Teatro Antro Expoto
Cultural Center and Rio Verde
Centro Cultural Rio Verde, Sao Paulo, Brazil
From May 13 to July 29, 2010, Thursdays at 21:30
Graphic Design and Photography by
Patricia Cividanes
Press Relations Antro Imprensa antroimprensa@yahoo.com.br

More details

01 MAR 10

Delia Darbyshire: Unsung Muse of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The theme for the BBC's DOCTOR WHO, composed by Ron Grainer (The Prisoner, The Omega Man) and realized by Delia Derbyshire for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 1963, was one of the first electronic themes created for a series. Even after 40 years and several Dr. Who series reboots, it continues to be one of the most striking and recognizable electronic themes in TV history...

Read the full article at The MMiXdown

15 FEB 10

MIT Press: Computer Music Journal (Quarterly) - MMiX Festival featured in News

Above: a composite of pp. 5 & 6 of CMJ, Volume 34, No. 1, Spring Issue

01 FEB 10

Lucid Intervals (3:59)

Lucid Intervals - an ostinato for (virtual) violin solo, hammer dulcimer, string quartet, vibraphone,
electric bass, timpani, congas, and prepared piano.

Created for the Composers Concordance "Composers Play Composers" Marathon, Jan. 31, NYC.
Original music & video editing by Patrick Grant. Piano samples used courtesy of David Borden.

© MMX strangemusic

Performing "Lucid Intervals" on the Nano Rig at the Composers Condcordance "Composers
Play Composers" Marathon at DROM NYC, Jan. 31, 2010.

Korg Nanos in rehearsal. (photos: Jocelyn Gonzales)

25 JAN 10

Is It Safe? The Marathon Men Behind “Composers Play Composers”

Read the complete blog on The MMiXdown.

19 JAN 10

Music for Poetry & Video Installations in São Paulo


Music for Poetry & Video Installations: POEMAPOPAULICEIAIMAGEMPLATEIA

Curated by Paula Valeria Andrade, at the 6th Verão de Poesia (Summer of Poetry),
in the Casa das Rosas - Espaço Haroldo de Campos de Poesia e Literatura,
to celebrate the city of São Paulo.

Casa das Rosas - Espaço Haroldo de Campos de Poesia e Literatura
Avenida Paulista, 37
Próximo à Estação Brigadeiro do Metrô
Tel.: (11) 3285.6986


Estacionamento conveniado Patropi:
Al. Santos, 74
Twitter: @casadasrosas

15 JAN 10

The More I Look, Diverse It Gets

Dirty Martini, the subject of Gary Beeber's "Dirty Martini & The New Burlesque," the latest film/doc that I scored (due out later this year) appears in this month's V Magazine in a photo shoot done by Karl Lagerfeld. Work like that certainly keeps my studio's output, uh, I guess "diverse" word be a good word?

You can see the complete photo shoot HERE.

01 JAN 10



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