#memes and variations
a new studio album by Patrick Grant

“It doesn’t matter whether this music is post-Minimalist, indie classical, or not classical at all…
style and even genre are increasingly meaningless now, so abandon the categorizing impulse
and just listen.” - The Wall Street Journal

Patrick Grant: electric guitar, electric bass, keyboards and percussion
John Ferrari: drums, mallet instruments and percussion
Daniel Reyes-Llinás: electric guitar & FX
Dan Cooper: 7-string electric bass
Matt Grossman: electric guitar
Tony Geballe: electric guitar
Howie Kenty: electric guitar

Jon Diaz: electric guitar

with contributions from

Igor Abuladze: electric guitar/bass
Carl Martí Germain: electric guitar
Paul Richards: acoustic guitar
Chris Gibson: electric guitar
Nigel Gavin: fretless guitar
Steve Ball: acoustic guitar
Julie Slick: electric bass
Trey Gunn: Warr guitar
Dan Moore: drums

recorded at Peppergreen Media NYC, London Bridge Studios, Seattle, and The Ferrari Factory NJ
Seattle sessions co-produced with Steve Ball and Tiny Orchestral Moments
mixed at Mercy Sound Studios NYC
mixing engineer: Garry Rindfuss
mastered by Sheldon Steiger
produced by Patrick Grant

© 2019 Peppergreen Media (ASCAP)