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Last updated February 2013

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BIG BANG - one act chamber opera (2013) 85' [in progress]
5 piece electro-acoustic chamber ensemble w/ video projection
w/ SATB & baritone soloist, libretto in collaboration with
astronomer Charles Liu & physicist Brian Schwartz

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New Piece for Multiple Guitars (2012)
movements for large guitar ensemble

This piece is made possible through Exploring the Metropolis'
2012-13 Con Edison Musicians' Residency: Composition Program

Cranberry Source - variations for chamber orchestra & rock band (2012)
for processed voice, 4 trumpets, 2 electric guitars, swordmandel, piano,
mellotron, timpani, guiro, maracas, tambourine, 4 cellos, bass guitar, & drums

based on Strawberry Fields Forever
Words and Music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Copyright (c) 1967 Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Copyright Renewed
This arrangement (c) 2012 Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
All Rights Administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC,
8 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203
International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved

Velcro Variations (2012)
for keyboards, guitars, percussion, & synthesizers

Prog Gnosis 1, 2, & 3 (2012)
for keyboards, guitars, percussion, & synthesizers

To Find a Form That Accommodates the Mess (2012) 6'
for piano & electronic track


Dude - Where's My Band? (2012) 4'
for solo guitar in NST tuning
created for The Guitar Circle of North America
directed by Robert Fripp

Two Songs (2012) 9'
for solo voice and chamber ensemble

Breaking Butterflies Upon a Wheel (2012) '5
created for the "Composers Marathon" concert
part of the Composers Concordance Festival 2012

electric guitar & live electronics

Primary Blue(s) (2012) '7
created for the "New Blues" concert
part of the Composers Concordance Festival 2012
violin, cello, e. guitar, keyboard, e. bass, & drums

The Emperor Responds to Mozart's Request for a Raise (2011) 6'
created for "The Mozart Influence," at the Austrian Cultural Forum
text: Anthony Burgess, music: Patrick Grant
Baritone solo, singing actor, French horn, bass trombone, violin, cello, & electric bass

TILTED AXES - music for mobile electric guitars (2011) indetermintate
created for the 1st Annual MAKE MUSIC WINTER NYC
16 electric guitars & optional percussion

"ce n'est pas un piano" (2011) 5'
for keyboard & electronics

Opening the Cage: 14 Variations on 14 Words (2011) 3'
text: Edwin Morgan, music: Patrick Grant

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, & Baritone

Pestilence, War, Famine, & Death (2011) 11'
for four cellos

Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (2011) 9'
for violin, cello, electric guitar, electric bass, & piano

One Note Sampla for Tom Jobim (2011) 5 min.
Created for the WKCR-FM Jobim Festival
for guitars, keyboards, & electronics

Thou Art Translated (Knot) (2010) 4'
Haroldo de Campos, the ending of "Circuladô de fulô" from "Galáxias"
A.S. Bessa
Patricia Sonego
soprano, e. piano, & hand percussion
original choreography and dance by
Megan Sipe

H2Opus: Fluid Soundscapes for Multiple Composers (2010) 90'
in collaboration with Dan Cooper, Joseph Pehrson, Gene Pritsker & Kamala Sankaram
More info at
Download the press release HERE

keyboard & laptop w/ video
created for Composers Concordance
Composers Play Composers Festival
January 31, NYC

for electric guitar, keyboard, and laptop
created for Music with a View - New Music Series
The Flea Theater - curated by Kathleen Supove
December 13, NYC

DIRTY MARTINI & The New Burlesque (2009) 60'
a documentary film by Gary Beeber
for chamber ensemble & popular instruments

THE BRIG: Another Glorious Day (2008/2009) 96'
musical score for a feature film
by Karin Kaper & Dirk Szuszies

NEITHER by Morton Feldman
Words by Samuel Beckett
an opera for soprano and orchestra (1977)
Realization of the orchestra for keyboard, electronics, and piano by Patrick Grant (2009) 50'
Created for the Center for Contemporary Opera for a workshop stagings in NYC & Vienna
by director Thomas Desi / Zoon Theater

Five (Relatively) Easy Pieces for Orff Instrumentarium (2009) 15'
Commissioned by the Turtle Bay Music School NYC

BAIT MAN - a theater piece by Gerald Thomas (2008)
starring Marcelo Olinto of the Cia. dos Atores
original music & sound design by Patrick Grant
sponsored by Petrobras and SESC Rio de Janeiro

Complexo Sistema... (2008) 85'
original music for a theater piece by
Ruy Filho
Cia. de Teatro Antro Exposto, São Paolo, Brazil

featuring Diego Torraca & Guilherme Gorski,
with Giuliana Rocha, Gabriela Rosas, Raini Teichmann, e Tiago Torraca.

EUREKA! (2008) 75'
original music for a stage production
based on
the prose poem by
Edgar Allan Poe
Directed by Judith Malina and performed by The Living Theatre

featuring Anthony Sisco as
Edgar Allan Poe & Silas Inches as Alexander von Humboldt,
with Gene Ardor, Yasemin Ozumerzifon, Eric Olson, Maia Larraz, Erin Downhour, Kennedy
Yanko, Enoch Wu, Katherine Nook, Isaac Scranton, Eitan Brigantonelli, and you the audience.

The World Stage (2008) 7'
music for a Kehinde Wiley video
for an art opening at the Studio Museum in Harlem
edited by Joe Nanashe

Too Late for Tears (2008)
Music & Sound Design for a Radio Play

for the Whitney Biennial
Produced by Transistor Radio Theater

Three Choral Pieces (2007/2008) 35'
Latin text by Bruce Barrett
soprano, alto, tenor, bass
PDF Score
1. Hymnus
2. Cantus
3. Motetus
4. Hymnus - alt. vers.

The Aspern Papers (2008) 28'
Music & Sound Design for a Play
Adapted by Martin Zuckerman
Based on the Novella by Henry James
Turtle Shell Productions

Piece in Harmony (2008) 5'
gamelan & microtonal piano solo

FOCUS: FORT WORTH (2008) 21'
Hip-Hop Experience VI
music for an art opening
a co-commision of the Modern Museum of Fort Worth, Kehinde Wiley Studio, & Deitch Projects
2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 alto saxes, tenor sax, baritone sax, 2 trumpets, 2 trombines, tuba & marching percussion

Kehinde Wiley's Musical Clock (2008) various timings on multiple re-mixes
with SHEQUIDA* - coloratura soprano solo
A commission of Artware Editions for Kehinde Wiley Studio
6 vocal tracks
1 whistle sound for the main riff
1 synth with vocal sound
1 high strings on the verses
1 mid-range strings
2 tracks of the "classical string flourish" on the end
1 acoustic guitar
1 electric guitar
1 distorted guitar
1 rhythmical percolating synth on the verses
1 synth bass
1 timpani
1 orchestral bass drum
2 tracks of drums (1 “clean” & 1 “crunchy”)
1 “chug-chug” electronica sound on the choruses
1 orchestral chimes

Feet in 2 Worlds (2007) 5'
e. guitar, bass, keyboards & drums

Artaud & the Balinese Theater (2003/2007) 9'
text by A. Artaud
gamelan & narrator

Maudie and Jane (2007) 25'
Incidental Music for Theater
flute & oboe, harp & strings, electric guitar & bass, drums & percussion, female chorus
New York, NY

Third Swan form the End (2007) 15'
with Amber Lewis a.k.a. gAdGeT gIrL
Music for a dance/performanceproduced by Darrell Jones
electronic orchestral score w/ drums & bass
Chicago, IL

Satchidananda (2007) 60'
Original Soundtrack for "Living Yoga"
A video by Stories to Remember
based on the life & teachings of
Swami Satchidananda
various instrumentation & FX
w/ John Ferrari, Steve Murphy,
Godfrey Townsend
, & Don Vitsentzos

Rainha Mentira / Queen Liar (2007) 45'
music for a play by Gerald Thomas
with Edson Secco
various instrumentation & FX

Orion Rides the Desert Mountain (2007) 4'42"
music for orchestra

The Medication Waltz (2007) 3'21"
piano solo

New Science (2006) 20'
music for a play by Jessica Slote
soprano, alto, tenor & acoustic jazz bass

13,515 - A Conceptual Birthday Piece for JG (2006) 45'
electronic score w/FX

Historical Black Music Roller Coaster Part 2 (2006) 25'
Hip-Hop Experience V
Created through co-commissions of Kehinde Wiley Studio, The Columbus Museum of Art, Roberts & Tilton Gallery & Deitch Projects
flute, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass & harpsichord

Historical Black Music Roller Coaster Part 1 (2006) 25'
Hip-Hop Experience IV
Created through co-commissions of Kehinde Wiley Studio, The Columbus Museum of Art, Roberts & Tilton Gallery & Deitch Projects
soprano solo, tenor, baritone, bass, flute, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass & harpsichord
featuring Shequida*

Two Songs for Two Cats (2006)
vocals with rock band
1. Get Better Oliver 1'12"
2. Pinky (Yer So Stinky) 1'54"

Three Poems by Martin Reckhaus (2006) 3'21"
2 sopranos, alto, countertenor & baritone

hIP-hOP eXPERIENCE (2006) 20'
Hip-Hop Experience III
Created through co-commissions of Kehinde Wiley Studio, Roberts & Tilton Gallery, & Deitch Projects
for string quartet+ (& opt. flute, harpsichord & double bass - rev. July 2006)

BIG BANG - a new work for multimedia (2006) 37'09"
for the CUNY Graduate Center Science & the Arts Performance Series
Written and Directed by Patrick Grant
Text by Patrick Grant & Charles Liu
with input from Brian Schwartz

narrator, 3 keyboards, percussion & video projection

Water Behind the Veil (2005) 3'10"
music for a video by Jessica Lutz
electronic score

Rumors of War (2005) 30'
Hip-Hop Experience II

commissioned by Kehinde Wiley Studio & Deitch Projects
military marching band

Lonely Ride Coney Island (2005) 7'09"
music for a video by Gary Beeber
epic groove

Music for the Art Parade (2005) 15'
Hip-Hop Experience I

commissioned by Kehinde Wiley Studio & Deitch Projects
coloratura soprano & string quartet
featuring Shequida*

Victoriana (2005) 4'41"
music for a video by Gary Beeber
classical soprano & hip-hop beats

Happy Ride Coney Island (2005) 6'58"
music for a video by Gary Beeber
carnival instrumentation

live electronics

selected loops:
Piano Dance - 9'29"
Gameloop 2 - 17'36
- 11'17"
Vintage Whines
- 15'24"
19 NOV 04 - 10'00"

Public Playgrounds - The Case of Two (2004) 7'37"
for Ayako Kurakake / Dirk Szuszies & Karin Kaper
live electronics for film and/or music for dance

Points of Reflection (2004) 13'31"
music for an installation by Diane Tuft
flute, harp, strings and gamelan

Dedication Music for SACRED SISTER (2003) 30'
music for an installation by Bettina Witteveen & Robert Wilson
Balinese gamelan

SYSTOLE & DIASTOLE: Chambers of the Heart (2004) 45'
music for a theater piece by Maria Pessino & Oddfellows Playhouse
various ensembles

Some ASSEMBLY(2003) 8'44"
for the Cadillac String Association (MI)
music for string orchestra, 2 pianos & 3 percussion

cLAVE mOLINO (2003) 28'
Music for the Knee Space
for an installation by Tania Bruguera & Robert Wilson
6 percussion soli and clave trio

Bright Ether (2003) 3'
for David Simons & Lisa Karrer
keyboard solo

tHE pHILOSOPHER'S sTONE (2002/2003) 23'
for the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble
a tone poem after Antonin Artaud
Javanese gamelan, string trio, and 2 synthesizers

GENOME: the autobiography of a species (2002/2003) ) 75'
after the book by Matt Ridley
with video projection
3 keyboards and percussion

Musique du Quai Branly (2002) 20'
for Stephane Martin
a. multitrack recording
b. 3 keyboards & percussion

CHANNELS: Canals in Winter (2002/1992) ) 20'
3 keyboards & backing track from 1992

Gamelambience (2001) 45’
Balinese Semar Pengulingan Gamelan

Monogram for Gamelan (2001) 05’
for the wedding of
Asher Edelman & Michelle Vrebalovich
Balinese Semar Pengulingan Gamelan

5ØUSA: 1Ø deconstructed Marches and 5Ø Micro-Variations on
the music of jOHN pHILIP soUSA (2000) 25'
for the Knitting Factory
a. 4 synthesizers and percussion
b. 3 synthesizers and percussion

tHE wEIGHTS oF nUMBERS (2000) 09'
3 electronic keyboards & percussion

Steptime (1999) 7'
for Mitchell Sundet
a. French horn & electronics
b. 3 electronic keyboards & percussion

Imaginary Horror Film (1998-2000) 17'
for Ricardo Oliveira
a. flute, clarinet, viola, cello, e.guitar, e.bass, percussion, drums, piano, & 2 electronic keyboards
b. 3 electronic keyboards & percussion

If One Should Happen to Fall (1998) 04'
text by Patrick Grant and Roget's Thesaurus
voice and synths and rock band

INFLUX (The Ladder of Red) (1998-2000 rev. 2002) 29'
a. flute, clarinet, viola, cello, e.bass, percussion, drums, piano, & 2 electronic keyboards
b. 3 electronic keyboards & percussion

Bop Hockets (1998) 04'
2 keyboards and percussion

Tingklik Toccata (1998) 05'
a. gamelan & microtonal piano solo

Tingklik Piece in Slendro (1998) 03'
a. gamelan ensemble
b. 2 keyboards and percussion

Puzzle Dust (1997) 08'
for Marija Ilic
piano solo

Fields Amaze (1997) 9'
a. gamelan & microtonal piano solo
b. 3 keyboards & percussion

Relative Segments (1997) 14'
attack - decay - sustain - release
flute, clarinet, viola, cello, piano, & 2 electric pianos

Paradiddle (1997) 06'
flute, clarinet, viola, cello, & piano 4 hands

40 Note Swing (1997) 08'
for Jed Distler
piano solo

A Visible Track of Turbulence (1996) 10'
flute, clarinet, & piano 4 hands

Switchcraft (1996) indeterminate
any combination of 2 to 9 possible performers

Tertian Circles for Strings (1996) 12'
string quartet

Seven Sculptures Sounding (1996) indeterminate loop
for Daniel Rothbart
seven chime-like sculptures of various pitch


Trompe l'Oreille (1995) 06'
a. gamelan ensemble
b. 3 electronic keyboards and percussion

Short List (1995) 04'
a. gamelan ensemble
b. open score

SRO (1995) 04'
a. gamelan ensemble
b. open score

51 Pegasi (1995) 06'
a. gamelan ensemble
b. open score

Raisin Detrimental (1995) 04'
a. gamelan ensemble
b. open score

Lion Corps 321 (1995) 25'
in collaboration with Gamelan Son of Lion
gamelan sextet with synthesizer and three percussionists

Dazeyness (1995) 01'
for the Prix de Lausanne
piano solo

Dazey Chain (1995) 10'
variations for piano solo

Four Fragments for Piano (1994) 04'
piano solo

The Serenity Prayer (1994) 03'
text attributed to St. Francis of Assisi
SATB Chorus


Marblehead (1994) 08'
for Gerald & Claire Shea
music for gamelan in slendro and pelog
a. extended peking, 2 sarons, demung, slentem, key-gong, finger cymbals and 1 gong
b. 4 synths and percussion

Balirondo (1994) 06'
for I Wayan Lantir
music for gamelan in slendro
peking, 2 sarons, demung, sientem, key-gong and 2 gongs

Everything Distinct: Everything the Same (1994) 13'
a. peking, 2 sarons, demung, sientem, key-gong, hub-cap, drummer and 3 gongs
b. 3 synths, 3 percussion
c. 3 synths, 1 percussion

Nice, Nice, Very Nice (1994) 03'
text by Kurt Vonnegut
baritone solo, SATB chorus and piano

Divisi (1994) 04'
string orchestra


Krissmaskara (1993) 04'
a. flute, english horn and pizzicato strings
b. pan flute (recorder), english horn and 3 marimbas

Gems (1994) 06'
a. 2 e.mandolin, 2 e. six string guitars, 2 e. twelve string guitars
b. 2 player piano, 4 twelve string guitars

Music from "The NAKED TRUTH" (1993) 13'
a film by Nadia Leonelli
synthesized tape score

Music from "ANARCHIA" (1993) 45'
a play by Hanon Reznikov
with additional arrangements and orchestrations by Robert Hieger
synths, sequencer and tape

Funerale (1993) 04'
2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba and 3 perc.

Song for Passover (1993) 03'
text by Joanie Fritz
a. mezzo soprano and 2 tenors
b. mezzo soprano and piano

On Cage (1992) 03'
text by Joanie Fritz
mezzo soprano and piano

Workshop for Seven - a Sextet (1992) 09'
a. 2 amplified desktops and 4 perc.
b. any possible ensemble

My Sister's Wedding March (1992) 04'
for Gael
piano solo

J.O.H.N. (1992) 04'
in memoriam John W. Wilson
mezzo soprano, male chorus, finger cymbals, toy xylophone and taped drone

The Life of the Rose [sic] (1992) indeterminate
piano solo


Nublia Latrare (1992) 09'
for Patricia Winter
a. sequencer, piano-guts and opt. perc.
b. flute, clarinet, piano and 3 perc.

Keeping Still - music for dance (1992) 04'
for Judi Rymer Rimerman
4 hand piano-guts and 3 perc.

Ice Charge (1992) 04'
for Johnson Anthony
a. percussionist and sequencer
b. any possible ensemble

Barkelot - music for dance (1992) 07'
for Patricia Winter & John Farris
piano solo

Untitled - music for dance (1992) 08'
for Patricia Winter
melodica, synths and piano-guts

Untitled Too - music for dance (1992) 09'
for Patricia Winter
melodica, synths and piano-guts

Untitled 3 - (H2Opus) music for dance (1992) indeterminate
for Patricia Winter
2 radios, synth, sequencer, found percussion and the kitchen sink


Modena Market Place (1992) 03'
open score for chamber ensemble

Maurizio (1992) 03'
violin solo

Music from "The ZERO METHOD" (1992) 65'
a play by Hanon Reznikov
synths, sequencer and tape

Kiel Monolog (1992) 03'
flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola and cello

Living Theatre Score (1991) 70'

in collaboration with Plipill
violin, piano, synths, piano-guts, sequencer and percussion

Nine Fragments (1991) 09'
clarinet and piano

The RULES OF CIVILITY - A One Act Opera (1991-1993 rev. 2004) 75'
A One-Act Opera
text by George Washington adapted by Hanon Reznikov and Patrick Grant for the stage
a. mezzo soprano, alto, baritone soloists, SATB chorus, 2 speakers, flute, violin, viola, 2 clarinets, alto sax, perc., synths, sequencer and piano
b. voices and piano

Marchmutations (1990) 09'
after a theme by John Stickney
string quartet

F Train Memory (1990) 05'
2 flutes, 2 clarinets, string quartet, piano and perc.

German Requiem (1990) 09'
music for a play by Eric Bentley
flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, 2 horns, timp.,cymbal, piano and strings
b.string orchestra

Flute Dance a.k.a. CRWDPLSR (1989-1990) 03'
a. flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola and cello
b. flute, clarinet, bassoon, 2 and e.bass

Octatonic Fuque (1990) 05'
piano solo

Settetto Antico (1989 rev. 1991) 15'
after music by Robert Schumann
flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and piano (or harp)

Exquisite Corpse (1989) 05'
2, e.bass and synth

Tertian Circles - Part 1 (1989) indeterminate
a. 2, e.bass and synth
b. any possible ensemble

Feast of Fools March (1990) 09'
after a theme by John Stickney
French Horn, 2 e. guitars, e. bass, and 3 synths

Idol for the Mystery Gotham (1989) indeterminate
for Sean Montgomery
cello solo

Electric Guitar Trio (1989) 09'
for Larry Simon & Brian Jost
2 e. guitars and e. bass

Two Songs (1989) 03'
for ABC No Rio
text by Matthew Courtney
a. soprano and piano
b. mezzo soprano and piano

Incidental music from "12 Steps to Murder" (1989) 23'
a play by Joanie Fritz
flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, 2 horns, timp., cymbal, piano and strings

The Dark Trick (1989) 3'18"
overture for orchestra

Anthem for an Imaginary Nation (1989) 02'
text by Joanie Fritz
SSA, 2 e. guitars, e. bass, 2 synths & percussion

Tomorrow I Will Rise (1989) 04'
text by Joanie Fritz
a. soprano, e.violin, 2, e.bass, 3 synths and 2 perc.
b. soprano, flute, clarinet, string quartet, piano and perc.
c. voice and piano


Hymn and Jig (1989) 04'
string quartet

String Fragments (1989) 09'
string quartet

At the Dada Cafe (1989) 03'
string quartet

Atmospheres (1988) indeterminate
1. string quartet
Atmosphere 1 & 2 (1988-1989) indeterminate
2. any possible ensemble

Children at War (1988) 09'
a. string quartet
b. string orchestra
c. synthesizer version

Wilhelm Reich March (1988) 03'
a. 2 violins, cello and opt. perc.
b. flute, clarinet, bassoon and opt. perc.
c. 2, e.bass and opt. perc.

Variations (1987) 20'
a. flute, oboe, trumpet and violin soloists, strings and continuo
b. flute, oboe, clarinet and trumpet soloists and 2 pianos

Soliloquy (1987) 01'
clarinet solo

Gaia's Song (1987) 03'
text by Joanie Fritz
a. mezzo soprano, flute, 2 clarinets, piano and strings
b. voice and piano

Music from "Visions of Paradise" (1987 rev.1994)
a play by David Studer & Protean Forms Collective
clarinet, cello, synth, percussion, sequencer and tape

The Power of Light (1986) 05'
e.mandolin, 2, e.bass, 3 synths and 3 perc.

Popular Songs and lnstrumentals (1978-1985) varying
numerous songs written for these bands:

a. The Millennium Accountants
b. The Sinnics
c. The Reptiles
d. Victims of Circumstance
e. Walk Through Walls
f. Walk Thru Walls
g. Changing Bodies

Cantata for the Easter Mass (1978) 15'
for and performed at Our Lady of Victory, Northville, MI
soprano and tenor soloists, SATB chorus, strings and organ

Toccata in E minor (1977) 03'
piano solo

15 Two-Part Inventions (1976 - 1988) 19'
piano solo

Rejoice - a Cantata from the Fourth Psalm (1976) 09'
soprano and bass soloists, chorus, 2 flutes, piano and organ